Human Rights Day

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When it comes to happiness and joys of life, the most cherished emotion is of freedom and independence. Freedom is an expression what is rightful entitlements of every individual. These entitlements are postulated in the various basic human rights that every man or woman is guaranteed.

Human Rights Day is celebrated to reinforce global efforts to ensure that every human being is accorded its due opportunities in a balanced and secure manner. These rights form the foundation of the free society that the world intends to build in order to realize the true potential of our human resource and capabilities. Human rights are
embodiment of such endeavor and commitment to help each other and fight for each other. To not only promote development of each other but also make progress for overall human achievement. This day marks such promise to celebrate our differences as nations, families, individuals etc. while cherishing our similarities. To feed the
hungry, protect the defenseless, provide refuge to the homeless and landless shout for the voiceless and cure the diseased.

2019 marks the seventy first anniversary of Human Rights Day. This is the day when United Nations adopted its charter of Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10th Decmeber, 1948. This year it will fall on Tuesday, with the theme “Stand Up For Human Rights”. Among its itinerary of activities would be major events held in Geneva, dedicated social media campaign with prominent public figures like Medha Patkar, Bill Gates etc. calling for protection of basic and inalienable human rights. The theme of #StandUp4HumanRights will be broadcasted globally through platforms like YouTube, Twitter etc.

The idea behind celebrating such a day is to highlights the predicament of human beings throughout the globe. From crippling poverty to depleting water resources, from global warming to debilitating pandemics etc. the World needs to protect its most vulnerable and weakest populations like women, religious minorities, disabled person, indigenous tribes etc. This calls for focusing on showcasing the ability to stand and survive together, both as society and as a species.

Only when such fundamental rights like right to speech, personal safety, liberty, freedom to work and earn livelihoods, freedom to practice one’s religion and faith without fear or intimidation etc become guaranteed, we can call ourselves free and progressive. Without such balance and harmony between various section sof human society, we will not be able to establish peace or coexist. We need all of us to reach our best versions and push ourselves to not only develop as individuals and nations but also prosper as social beings and fellow human beings. We must administer justice as even if there is injustice done a part of human society, it is injustice for the entire
human civilization.


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