How to Fix Poverty in America

Updated October 30, 2021

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How to Fix Poverty in America essay

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Poverty has been a global struggle for decades and is still affecting over 3 million people around the world. Poverty extends to practically all aspects of U.S. society, and yet, despite the many anti-poverty policies, it remains largely unaddressed. It is also relatively undiscussed in public discourse and incompletely understood by the public and academics alike (Thomas C. Frohlich, 2018).

Living in poverty has an affect not just on the money side but also in the quality of education, health, and living conditions that about ½ of the population is dealing with. There is no one way to fix this epidemic, although in America there have been public assistant program that aid to help individuals and families, the structure of this systems is not perfect and still needs improvements. For someone to get out of poverty, they need opportunities such as a better education, medical care, and financial resources. Without these basic elements, poverty becomes a cycle from one generation to the next (World Vision, n.d.).

The government has the control of what the population has access to and what you don’t. The guidelines and regulations are made to look helpful but are in a form that can creates a faulty cycle. The programs help but also do not change outside effects such as shifts in the economy and that leaves people no way to get out or improve their lives. These programs are not bad in fact they do help but the progress has been slow from the last recession, I think the things they have pulled from education in the school system may be a part to way so many struggle with their finances to begin with. Home economics thought the basic life skills that one need to know to go out on their own after high school.

If we want to fix poverty we need to understand the cause of it first and then we need to take a good look at what will actually benefit and help people grow, so that they know how to improve and also make their way out of poverty. There is no one size fits all way to fix this, I think improving educations and the access to it would be one place to start.In the end in order to start moving things forward or implementing changes this subjects needs to be discussed openly and publicly by government official, and the people affected and then maybe improvements to the economic system can be made.

How to Fix Poverty in America essay

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