How Molecular Biology Affects Our Life

  • Updated February 5, 2021
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You would never think in a million years about the crazy and amazing things that molecular biology can do. Molecular Biology has a huge impact on our everyday lives, it can have an even greater impact on so many lives as we use it to our advantage. It creates a pathway to long-sought-after answers to questions that have yet to be answered. Molecular biology gets down to the level where we can see where life-changing diseases are forming. We can use molecular biological approaches to better our knowledge of health and disease by teaching medical students to look at things from a molecular biological standpoint. Molecular biology can help us gain a better understanding of mental illnesses through miRNAs.

There are so many diseases that we have no solutions for. We haven’t yet been able to figure out why they happen, where they come from or how we can resolve them. One example is Cancer. Cancer has affected thousands of people all around the world, in the past and present. In a recent report about an ongoing study of cervical cancer cells, it was discovered, through molecular biology, that a specific miRNA stops the growth of cervical cancer cells. In Iwasaki, Yamamoto, and Oda say in their article, Current Update on the Molecular Biology of Cutaneous Sarcoma: Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans, “Recent advancements in molecular pathology have made it possible to classify sarcomas based on underlying molecular alterations. In turn, this has enabled the development and application of new molecular targeted therapies to treat sarcomas. In the present review, we discuss recent updates regarding DFSP research, differential diagnostics, and treatment”. Clearly, molecular biology has helped make many medical advancements.

Another way we can use molecular biology to our advantage is by teaching medical students to look at scenarios with a molecular biological view point as an added advantage. As mentioned in a medical journal, teaching medical students to look at cases with a molecular biological view gives them an advantage. It helps them more accurately diagnose the patient and helps them make choices about their own actions because of their knowledge of molecular biology and how diseases are formed and how them are spread (Kocemba‐Pilarczyk, et al. 2019).

Molecular Biology isn’t only useful in physical diseases, but also mental illnesses. In the article, The Missing Link: How Exosomes and miRNAs can Help in Bridging Psychiatry and Molecular Biology in the Context of Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia, it talks aobut many different mental illnesses and the links that microRNA can make between molecular biology and psychiatry. In the studies conducted, the results showed promising results that miRNA will help significantly with mental illnesses.

According to Naoki Sato, molecular biology contributes to the “What Is Life Problem”. On the molecular levels of life, small things have a huge impact down the line. Just as I explained in previous paragraphs, molecular biology has a huge affect on everyday life, and just life in general. From the smallest of changes on a molecular level that create a chain of events down the line to create something big. Everything starts out as a molecule and a cell. This includes diseases like cancer. If we can use molecular biology to our advantage by finding miRNA that can stop the translation of cancer cells, teach medical students to keep molecular biological views in mind while diagnosing patients, and use miRNA to connect molecular biology to psychiatry, we will be able to start using molecular biology to its full potential. Molecular biology has a huge effect on our lives, and we don’t even realize it.

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