How I Survived an Earthquake

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Did you know that I survived an actual earthquake. I actually survived it with multiple people. Those people were Kyler Andersen, David Cox, and Jacob Winn. These were some of my best friends (not including Alex Pelayo because he was in Hawaii). I met all of these guys at my job except Alex. We all worked for Amazon and we were going on a business trip in Mexico. So here is my story…

We were in an office discussing how to make our business better and then David says he feels something. He said it felt like the building was moving so we all just sat still and be quiet and then we all realized that the building is moving. But then we all realized that if you are in a really tall building and you are at a high level that the building will sway back and forth really slowly. So we all thought it was that. The first tremble from beneath the earth was minor, and I thought it was a truck passing or the metro slithering underneath — normal things that make the streets rumble in this megalopolis.

Than a few minutes later we all started to smell something that smelt like dust and then the ground started rumbling really hard and at that moment we all knew that we were in an earthquake. Everybody started panicking and freaking out. We immediately all got on our phones and went on the news and it said “There is a 5.0 earthquake about to hit so get cover and stay safe.”

So we immediately ran down the flight of stairs all the way down to the main floor. But then we realized that we took an uber from the airport to the building so we had no transportation. Every second the rumbling was getting harder and harder and the smell of dust was getting stronger and stronger. We all knew that we couldn’t stay in that building so we ran to cover.

We couldn’t cross the street because there was way too many cars on the road going really fast. So luckly the owner of the building gave us a ride in his minivan. He was going to take us to a desert nearby but the earthquake was so strong that it flipped the car. Nobody got injured but there were going to be bumps and bruises. We were attempting to run to the owner of the buildings house which was just a mile from where we were but Kyler fell and a tree landed on his leg and broke it.

We had to pull the tree off of his leg. Of course he couldn’t walk so we had to help him up and he got on my back. We couldn’t make it to his house in Puebla so we found a building that we went to and we went to the very bottom of the building and found cover. We go under this sturdy table and got on our phones for any updates. It said that it was a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. There was no warning that the quake was coming. The news said that it should end at around 3:00pm. It was about 1:45.

At this point we were safe because we could tell that the earthquake was calming down and it shouldn’t do any damage to the building that we were in. So it was just a waiting game until it was done. So that is what we did. It was around 2:45 pm and we couldn’t feel a thing at this point so we thought that it would be safe. So we reschedule a flight back home tomorrow around twelve. The business meeting will be rescheduled a different time.

So it was the next day and we were tired and ready to go home. More than 6,000 people had been reported injured by the day after the earthquake, with more than 300 confirmed dead as Mexico earthquake rescue efforts continue. On 1 October the number of people known to have been killed was stated to be 361, with more than 4,500 injured.

It was a hard 7.1 quake and it was rough. There were more than six thousand people injured and 300 hundred confirmed dead. It lasted around four hours total. Kyler did end up having a broken leg. David ended up having a sprained ankle after the car wreck. The owner of the car had insurance so he will get his car back. That is my story on how I survived an earthquake.


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