Herschel Walker

Updated May 14, 2022

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Herschel Walker essay

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Herschel Walker was a famous football player, a person who dedicated much of his time to the sport that he loved. Football was one of his biggest passions and he had love for the game, his life consisted of football. He trained hard, was a good athlete as well as a student, was breaking high school records, and even graduated top of his class. Walker became a pro football star, the 1982 Heisman Trophy winner, and an Olympian (). It seemed that after his football career ended things started to go off track. His life seemed different and things started happening but his emotions are things he didn’t understand. Walker says “My life was out of control”, there were huge turning points in his life that not even he understood how to handle.

There may have been some events or experiences that had affected him to have different alters during adulthood. He never brought up any problems with his family that were an issue. Walker had admitted to have experienced some trauma during elementary school, he was picked on about his weight and a stuttering problem he had. He remembers getting beat up at school but never fought them back. He was being bullied but never stood up for himself so he was being pushed over during his childhood. These memories brought trauma into his life and was huge factor that for him.

At the time when Walker ended football and his wife was pregnant was when he began experiencing a turning point in his life. He has no idea of how many alters he has but is aware of a couple like the Enforcer, the Consoler, the Daredevil, the Warrior, the Hero, and the Coach. His alters were good for the most part but some weren’t, some led to unusual aggressive behavior that was very unlike him. The person who experienced his alters along with him and witnessed them all was his wife at the time. Later on, they divorced and were no longer together although she was a huge support for him throughout everything. His wife was the one who experienced many frightful moments, some that included Walker holding a gun to her head and others where he threatened her with knives. These moments were very hard and critical moments for Walker as well as for her.

Walker doesn’t remember everything that happened, it seems like things are just erased. His alters affected his life and seemed to be coming in when he no longer had a purpose and was no longer focused on an objective which his happened to be football. Without the sport he loved, it seemed like he was lost. Handling being without something that he had dedicated his whole life too was his struggle, he didn’t have a way to cope. All this happening caused him to even be a danger to himself because not all his alters brought good.

Herschel Walker showed no signs of criminal history or substance abuse. Overall, it seems like he was a good person and was dedicated to doing big things to become successful. There is also nothing about his medical history before having a diagnosis or anything about being in military training, he was all about football. His employment consisted of playing football, it’s what he loved and was getting paid to do fulltime. It’s strange that he experienced behavior that was totally unlike him.

Herschel Walker essay

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