Good Qualities of a Job Description

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Job description is defined as a document intended to provide job applicants with an outline of the main duties and responsibilities of the role which they are applying.(WikiJob, 2017). It means that it plays a very important role in recruitment and job selection for both organization and the candidate. It acts as a weapon in the human resource management in achieving the set goals for the organization and candidate. It is through job description that the candidate can have an idea on which job is he/she applying for and what skills are needed in order to join the company. The candidate can prepare well and get ready to join the company keeping in mind the roles and duties he/she would be doing.

It helps the recruiting group in the organization to choose the right candidate for the specific job and would lead to the success of the company. By job description one can be able to know what he/she is going to do and cope up with the assigned task. It also explains about the job expectations to the general candidates. The candidates will be aware of the requirements for the particular job. The requirements like qualification, experiences and transferrable skills from the candidate.

It also covers the brief history or description about the company and an overview of the job including the goals, expectations and purposes. It will also have the information about the salary and benefits which the company will be providing.

The job description should have a clear understanding of the job advertisement and its requirement. It will give information on the location or the work site, and the job type (full time or part time) with the salary. The key features of the job description includes the job title, summary, skills required, qualification, experiences, work environment and the employment conditions. From the perspective of the organization, it makes easier for them to select the right candidate reducing the number of applicants. It would reduce the time in finding the right person for the specific role. Furthermore, they can have plenty time to train the employee to get him/her ready for the task. The employer can take the employee to meet the senior or old staffs making him/her familiar with them.

The job description is taken as a means to analyze the specific job and its roles and responsibilities. So it is very relevant for the organization to prepare a job description for the selection process (Grant, 1989). It is impossible to select the right person without maintain the accurate job description by the Human resource management. The human resource manager will have no idea on what he is determined about the needs for the job. This would lead to time wastage.

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