Personal Career Development Plan

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A career development plan is a clear path set on how one’s profession is going to evolve. It involves the expansion and growth of the specific career or change of it in the upcoming period. My career development plan will involve a broad exploration in a career transition from a corrective officer to the field of professional administration. My goals and objectives in obtaining a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management are highlighted herein. This plan consists of how I will manage my time to bring a balance between my current work, studies and the transition to being a Human Resource Manager. This paper will also discuss the pros and cons of my current job and those of the new role I am planning to get into. This plan will be for five years ideal for achieving short and long-term goals.

My Goals and Objectives

My personal interest and mission is to work in a substantive environment that encourages to help and enable people to do better. To achieve this, I have set goals to be accomplished in five years. My first goal is to obtain a Master’s degree in Human resource management with good grades that will reflect in my curriculum vitae. This degree will be a betterment of my undergraduate bachelor’s in Business Administration. My second goal is to land a job as a Human resource manager which will be a transition from a correctional officer. I believe the skills I am gaining from the Master’s program will enable me fit perfectly in the market. I have also set an objective of being promoted to a director of Human Resource within the five years. I am looking forward to getting the promotion from the hard work and employer ethics that I will display as Human Resource Manager. I am going to measure my objectives on a yearly basis. In the coming one year my educational program should be due. Knowing the uncertainties in the job market, I am hoping to find a job within the following year and subsequently work towards getting a promotion after three years in the profession.

Current Occupation

At the moment I carry out duties as a correctional officer in a maximum prison. This career is outside my field of study since I had a degree in Business Administration. My challenge in this work is that I do not read from the same page with the system which insists on punishment rather than rehabilitation. The experience I have gained from this profession is enabling me know my strengths and weaknesses and how I will relate them in any other field. As a human resource manager within the next five years, I am going to employ communication skills that I think are missing at my current work place. This will be by creating an enabling environment for every staff member to share their concerns about their duties and work place in an open manner.

Career Aspirations

I have a developing passion to work as a Human Resource Manager. This is a job that entails the connection between an organization’s employees and the management. The particular work of the Manager is to oversee the Human Resource department and make sure that the Human Resource team is carrying out its tasks efficiently. Some of the functions of the department include strategic planning, consultation, and hiring new staff. This is a demanding field since the Manager is tasked to recruiting, motivating and maintaining the best employees of the organization. One of the major trends in this job markets is the advancements in technology. The use of biometrics in tracking time and security is a technological trend that requires the Manager to be savvy with the machines and automation.

Employee skill assessments are also carried out online. Leadership transformation is another trend that is coming up in the sector. Human Resource managers are required to co-ordinate the overall work eco-system (Witzel, M.2003). Previously it was only about leading people. With these, new trends, I am required to enhance myself with skills that will enable me fit in the environment. Having done my job accordingly and with utmost integrity, I will seek a promotion to be the Director of Human Resource. This will be a much bigger office duty but related to the Human resource manager’s that will require more engagements administratively.

Skills Required for a Resource Management Profession

Planning is essential in this career. It is a cliché that when one fails to plan he is planning to fail. This is a skill that is prudent in the field. It is a basic and primary skill in getting to know the course of action ahead of time (Hitt, Ireland, and Hoskisson 2003). I t is a fundamental aspect in managing careers Rooney, C.W. (2004). Poor planning can from the Human Resource management can derail the performance the whole organization. The resource manager as coordinator must have good communication skills for effective communication with all the departments Rooney, C.W. (2004). Leading is a necessary process that cannot be overlooked. Proper leadership style from the Human resource Director will be needed so as the linkage between the management and the staff to be harmonious. Good inter-personal skills are also vital for this profession since it is centered on the interaction with people of different cultures (Witzel, M. 2003). Technological skills are needed especially with the new advancements in security and management of the employees’ data.

I believe to posses various transferable skills that will enable me shift smoothly from a correctional officer to a Human resource manager. My good communication, organization and teamwork skills will come in handy in the transition. I am also easily adaptable and dependable.

Career Related Training

After completing my Master’s program which is useful in the field, I will join various career training programs to amplify my skills. I am interested in a short course program in managing the HR processes, Culture & Change. I am also enhancing myself with computer literacy skills so as to adapt to the changing trends in Human Resource Management. After completion of these trainings I will join a professional association. This would be important for networking and being able to connect with industry leaders and peers. A professional association adds value in terms of information on the changing trends and insights on work ethics (Pearson, C.A.L and Chong J; 1997). It will also be wise for me to get a mentor who will guide me through the journey of bettering my Human Resource Management skills. I will get a mentor through the professional body. The mentor will be useful as a career coach and will enable my success by providing guidance through my professional journey.

Job Satisfaction Attributes

Job satisfaction attributes are measurements to be considered on how the staff feel about their job (Pearson, C.A.L and Chong J; 1997). Benefits and compensation is one of the attributes. I will look at the Salary and Insurance provided by an organization before joining. Present and future prospects of the organization are also among the attributes I will consider. The work environment attributes that I will consider to provide satisfaction will be open communication, a balance between work and life, team work from other departments and overall good leadership from the management.


My personal career development plan for the next five years has based on my interest in Human Resource Management. Attaining a Master’s degree to gain more skills is my first goal then followed by landing a position of a Human Resource Manager? After achieving these, I will seek a promotion to the Director of Human Resources post.


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How do I create a personal career development plan?
To create a personal career development plan, start by identifying your career goals and skills. Then, create actionable steps and timelines to achieve those goals, and regularly assess and adjust your plan as needed.
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A career development plan is an example of a plan that can be used to help an individual identify and achieve career goals. The career development plan may include short- and long-term goals, as well as a plan of action for achieving those goals.
What is a personal career development plan?
A personal career development plan is a plan that helps you set goals and achieve them. It can also help you find a career that is a good fit for you.
What should I write in my personal development plan?
How to Write a Personal Development Plan Set yourself goals. Prioritise those goals. Set yourself deadlines for when you want to achieve them. Recognise threats and opportunities. Develop your skills or increase your knowledge. Use your support network. Measure your progress.
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