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Updated May 14, 2022

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Go to the Gym essay

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People misunderstand of having a humble mindset as opposed to having a go getter mindset. The difference is the thought process of when you are feeling down or feeling weak, how is your mind going to respond? What is it going to tell you? Is it going to tell you “Well.. maybe we should go to the gym today? Ehhh… I don’t feel to good today so maybe tomorrow I will go.” As opposed to “Get the Hell up and go the gym! Because only you feel sorry about yourself and no one else.” That’s the type of mindset why people need to be successful in life, but instead they sit there and feel sorry for themselves. I’m sick of tired of seeing it. If you want something, go out there and get it. So with me and my physical fitness journey, you damn well better believe that i’m going to go after what I want, what my goals are and if anyone stands in my way, ill plow through them. So go out there and go to the gym and do yourself a favor.

People need to understand that it is not healthy to be overweight, there is nothing good about it. It can put you at risk for strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure, and all kinds of health related issues down the line as you get older. Being overweight can get you lead to have knee replacement surgery, joint repair, gastric bypass, etc… and all these things are a direct reflection of poor choices in life and poor eating habits. So look, I am not going to accept you for who you are with the excuse of “You should love me because I am beautiful.” Yes, your personality can be beautiful, but your body is not. When I sit there and I look at somebody that is overweight; I find that utterly repulsive and disgusting. Why? Because it shows a lack of self discipline. Yea, people do keep making excuses on why they can not go to the gym or even walk outside, but we all know it’s just sheer laziness. That is the cold truth of it. You can be the person that will help them support that unhealthy lifestyle and watch them eat themselves into a grave or be the person that will help them be healthy and not let them face the issues later on in life.

What makes me go to the gym everyday is the feeling of completion. Working out my muscles to their max extent and feeling the pain through each rep gives me the motivation to want more. It’s like a drug, but it’s not. Watching your body slowly getting more toned and looking at the scale and seeing that you lost a certain amount a pounds is just dopamine for the soul. All this brings more confidence in yourself to wear tight shirts and not having to cover yourself in jackets because you are insecure about your body. I was like this until I started to work out and it has boosted my confidence from a 10 to 100. Now, I do not care what people think about my body because I know that everyday it is getting better and better.

Go to the Gym essay

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