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Effect of Hatha Yoga on Reducing Stress and Emotional Eating

Many studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of hatha yoga to reduces stress and emotional eating. Emotional eating, also referred to as affective eating, is when an individual over consumes food in order to release themselves from stress or negative emotions (Hopkins et al., 2016). The mindfulness aspects of yoga allow the acceptance of…


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Yoga and Magic in Buddhism

There are various rituals of magic used by Buddhist, that used visualization, energy, mantras, and spells to achieve health, and a long life. Some of these practices were meant to be practiced by elite members of the tradition. There are tantric practices in buddhism used to create a transformation in the consciousness of the practitioner…



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Top 10 Yoga Exercises for Antiaging

Introduction Fasten your seat belts, get ready to take off, and land on your yoga mats. Because, in next few minutes you’re going to know how mighty the term yoga can be. We all know how it improves our overall health, but to your surprise, it also keeps away the inevitable, that we all dread…



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Yoga Use For Overall Mental Health

Introduction Today, people are suffering more than ever from stressors such as anxiety and depression. Being in a good state of mental health is important for the functioning and well-being of a human. If a person’s mental health is suffering, there could still be a way to heal it. Yoga is a physical, mental, and…


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Benefits of Yoga

What is yoga? Yoga is a practice where it began as a spiritual practice but became popular for promoting mental and physical health in the United States. It’s a practice that involves mediation, postures which referred to as “asana”, and breathing technique also referred to as “pranayama”. Originally, yoga focused on bring harmony between the…



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Mental and Physical Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a hobby that many women of all ages enjoy to do. They are able to get a good exercise in their body and are able to relax in the moment. Many women, especially those who are twenty to thirty year old, do yoga twice to three times a week. Yoga can benefit twenty…



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