Ghana Center for Commercialization of Innovation and Research

Updated August 3, 2022

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Ghana Center for Commercialization of Innovation and Research essay

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When one talks about the research industry, it involves companies, organisations and institutions that provide raw or processed data through systematic collection and recording of said data. They perform functions such as technological surveys, data sampling, statistical analysis and sometimes market analytic services. This activity mainly comprises of those companies that do scientific research in engineering, economics and technology.

The research industry in Ghana seems to lack growth, and if ever it does grow, it does so at a very unproductive rate. Many individuals are unaware of the effects and impact of research on a society. As such, the research industry has long not been given due attention for developmental activities.

Unlike in many other countries, as it stands now, Ghana cannot seem to quantify the worth of its research industry due to lack of payment of attention to that sector of development. This has caused a number of setbacks in our country as we depend strongly on data collected in European and Asian countries. Our activities seem to carry certain effects that we hardly consider or take a look at.

For instance; the use of cement and block to build houses in Ghana. This was a practice which was adopted from the Western world one way or another and is now largely the most effected means when it comes to construction. The constructed buildings tend to trap a lot of heat in them because of its nature. We can all agree that this technique is needed in the European and Asian countries because they mostly experience very low temperatures and so the heat would be welcome. This is not so in Ghana where the usual temperatures are very high. So what do we do to get rid of the heat? We buy air conditioners form these same European countries which also come with their own set of problems.

In the days of old, the people used to live in mud houses and houses made entirely out of sticks, woods and leaves. Mud houses trap cold through the walls because of its nature and structure. This ensured that the rooms were cool enough for accommodation. Likewise the wooden structures also had openings in them which allowed air to freely go through, and because of the lightweight nature of the woods, much heat wasn’t trapped in the structures. There was no need for extra machinery like air conditioners. These methods of construction, instead of being refined and reused, have been neglected completely for newer and more costly and unsuitable methods. This alone verifies the need for research in this country.

Government made a decision to raise the level of funding for Research and Development on Science, Technology and Innovation to a significant percentage of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) on July 5, Dennis Dela Setsofia (n.d.).

“The Ministry of Environment Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI) have launched the Ghana Innovation and Research Commercialization Centre (GIRC-Centre) in Accra.

This is aimed at bridging the gap between research, on the one hand and management of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI),

The centre will create opportunities to engage stakeholders in providing guidance and support services that will help researchers and innovators avoid the pitfalls associated with the processes of commercialisation.” – Dennis Dela Stesofia (n.d.). With all said and done, the Government is supporting the industry in its own way, although not enough.

There seems to be a number of research companies in Ghana. Ghana Yello (a website) provides a few known ‘research’ companies. However upon a little look into these companies, it can be said that only about 17 companies are arguably research companies. The only high-ranking and field exploring one identified was the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Ghana. This indicates that there is accommodation for Re-cerchier to fit in and still flourish.

Finally, it is no argument that there is the need for viable and veritable working research institutes throughout Ghana for various reasons such as information gathering and overall economic growth and so we have decided to take on this venture, both for the benefit of our country and also for making profit.

Starting a research company is a good venture if only one has the expertise, passion and capability to handle all matters pertaining to the industry and its work, as well as the ability to effectively interact with the target market and produce good results for the clientele – Re-cerchier has all these qualities.

Ghana Center for Commercialization of Innovation and Research essay

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Ghana Center for Commercialization of Innovation and Research. (2022, Jul 05). Retrieved from https://samploon.com/ghana-center-for-commercialization-of-innovation-and-research/

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