Gentrification and Poverty

Updated February 11, 2022

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Gentrification and Poverty essay

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Gentrification has been labeled as just another way of the government to remove the poor and relocate them to other parts of the city but can this actually lead to better conditions for the city or cause a greater deal of pain for the people being moved away? In recent years there has been much debate about the affects gentrification as well as what communities think should be done. Gentrification, by its own meaning is a complex and controversial topic that involves the planning of urban development , housing, transportation, inequality, and the movement of people. It’s discussions tend to drive heated arguments in town halls, community board meetings, and politicians in urban areas all around the world.

To start off, let’s begin with the effects of what happens when gentrification is put into effect within an area. Displacement is the hardest downside to such action. Displacement refers to “The forced involuntary dislocation which most often is the poor, people of color, and other minorities”. In addition,as property taxes begin to rise, many long-term homeowners are unable to keep up with increase in tax rates. Commercial and residential landlords often increase rent to continue earning a profit on their property. Landlords also increase rent prices because they know renovations surrounding area will increase the likelihood of other possible renters to come in . In many gentrified areas it may be quite normal to see high-priced condominiums and popular chain restaurants replace older corner stores. Eventually, a neighborhoods entire demographic profile changes.Despite the negative effects that result from gentrification, more and more cities have put in plans to change local communities or have already begun the deconstruction of them.

The risk of displacement due to gentrification makes this hard on the community and effects the social standard of it. Those who remain in gentrified neighborhoods often have the consequence of social exclusion. It’s argued that these sentiments could reasonably lead to both lowered individual and community esteem, reinforcing inferiority. This cost is taken by the community as a whole and not by only those persons who are poor or those who are displaced.In this view, it’s not surprising that individuals who are displaced are worse off than before. If members of the middle class and lower middle class make an effort to uphold community improvement actions than the poor, then subjecting them to an increased probability of displacement makes the social cost of gentrification more severe. Gentrification can also put low- income families in a bad position because policies that insulate impoverished neighborhoods from gentrification could end up condemning these communities another generation of deep poverty and segregation.

The counterargument to this is that although gentrification raises the cost of living for the poor, it brings an economic benefit for the community. Often these places pre-gentrification have low levels of poverty and crime along with the education standards not being met, terrible infrastructure and public transportation systems and all in all a low quality of living. The neighbourhoods should consider the movement of the wealthy into their areas as a better way of living, because it will open up more businesses and create more jobs, and create immense improvements in the areas. In the short run it may seem as a terrible change that neglects many factors but in fact in the long run it’s definitely worth bringing up the option to because it could benefit long-time residents.

Gentrification and poverty go together hand in hand. Gentrification can be good for the part of the community that is in poverty. A good way being by breaking up the poverty patterns, gentrification can bring in new resources, energy and opportunities. This means by bringing in wealthier people into the community this is a chance to make the community better and bring that community out of a poverty drought. Gentrification can bring in many benefits to an area such as decreasing crime, improving the economy, and increasing property values and taxes. Although, if you look at gentrification from a different point of view, it becomes a way to bring the community together and unite them as a whole. For example, when a new business or shop opens up it can have a positive effect like bring in a large amount of jobs for members of a community and lead to the beginnings of communication between businesses and community members.

Gentrification and Poverty essay

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