Gender Discrimination and Women

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Gender discrimination in social life can be show in some examples around the world. For example at restrictions on clothing. More countries restrict women’s ability to wear religious symbols than requrie women to dress what they want. Failure to comply can lead to harassment or acts of hostility directed at women by private individuals, organizations or social groups. One of the cases involved a young Muslim woman in Spain who finished near the top of her university class in pharmacology but found it difficult to find a job because she did not want to remove her veil.

In France, two men attacked a pregnant Muslim woman in the Parisian suburb of Argenteuil on June 13, 2013, kicking her in the stomach and attempting to remove her headscarf and cut her hair; she subsequently suffered a miscarriage. Next, women are not being allowed to travel. No country restricts the movement of its female population more than Saudi Arabia. Women cannot apply for a passport or travel outside the country without their male guardian’s approval, restrictions the Interior Ministry imposes and enforces. In practice, some women are prevented from leaving their homes without their guardian’s permission and guardians can seek a court order for a woman to return to the family home.

Up until the age of 40, single women are required to ask their father for permission. For example, Niloufar Ardalan, the Captain of the Iranian Women’s Soccer team was banned from taking part in the Women’s Futsal Championship of Malaysia in 2015 by her husband as it was in violation of Islamic Law. Other than that, women have no equal rights in marriage and family life. Women’s human rights in marriage and family life in Pakistan is horrifying.

Women are passing a life of subordination and men are ultimate authority to make decisions regarding the fate of women. Women are unable to enjoy their basic rights, to choose their marriage partners, seek separation at their own initiatives and make decisions during married life regarding children and property. Women are denied these rights at the name of religious and cultural values and family honour. Different cruel practices are prevailing in the society to enforce men’s authority over women like, honour killings, domestic violence, and child marriage.

The findings reveal that gender discrimination is widespread around the world and girls are not allowed to pursue education, denied good healthcare and their social relationships and social behavior is also controlled by men. Study explores the various cases women face in their daily lives in health care, social relationships and decision making in context of gender discrimination. In many developing and under developed nations of the world, women are not considered worthy of education and better medical treatment.

They have no rights over property and although they may be more capable then men, they are not allowed to use their potentials and talents. According to Wadesango [6] gender discrimination in everyday experiences is common in the developing countries. Pakistan is one of such countries where gender discrimination is common, in fact when it has been ranked as the second worst country in the world (143 out of 144) by the World Economic Forum in the gender inequality index [7] One basic reason for gender discrimination is the rigid culture and strict customs of Balochistan that keeps the women suppressed and unaware of their rights. Insecurity, illiteracy and misinterpretation of Islamic values are other reasons behind injustice and discrimination against women.

Low education, poverty and low development have affected every aspect of people’s lives and its strong influence on people’s mindset is evident by the manner in which women are treated. Women are considered inferior to men both physically and mentally and their lives are totally controlled by men. The birth of a son is considered a blessing and is celebrated while a daughter is burden. Wife beating is common and is considered a method of keeping women under control. Daughters are married off at an early age to men much older than them. The family honor is associated with women and their actions and movements are monitored so that they do not bring shame to the family.

Women are confined to their houses and can only go out when escorted by a male member of the family. Women are generally considered weak not only physically but also mentally. They are never included in decision making and often the consent of the girl is not sought when her marriage is arranged. Women are considered naïve and their approaches to problems immature and therefore their opinions are disregarded. Positive attributes such as intelligence, smartness and strength are associated with men .

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