Student Loans Article Analysis

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According to the article,” How one 31- year-old paid off 220,000 in student loans in 3 years” by journalist Emmie Martin from Business Insider. In 2013, Ebony Horton with her boyfriend established a preparation to disburse back her student loans in one year. Horton worked entry-level job, and her revenue was inaccessible for cover student credit. Although she had many difficulties which were moving from one place to another place, when her car stopped working, Horton walked or biked 4 miles to work. However, there was enormous support from Horton’s mother when she gave a gift condo to her from the auction. Unfortunately, the author’s argument has some relevance of assumption which is inadequately impact understanding points of view in the context.

It is excellent, that Horton found self-assurance and motivated herself to solve her financial struggling. She and her boyfriend the first ambition was to accumulate money from rent. How? They moved her mother’s house to live a couple of months. Then, they went to her grandparent’s house to live. Yes, they cut expenditures and boost their income. It is less effectual to increase profits but it is one way to cut expenditures. I agree because part of the argument in the article demonstrated a positive approach for the students who are in a complex situation like Horton. Also, I assume most of the students did not recognize how to establish to cover student loans. This argument can be helpful for students who are undecided on how to decrease spending.

On the other hand, Horton and her boyfriend had been married, and there was a surprise when Horton’s mother gifted them condo from an auction. After that, they launched renting out the condo and their income dramatically increased. However, I disagree because the article has issued the formulation of the title. Why? The title of the article seems one person paid off $220,000 without any help. Her mother’s played an important role in this situation. However, I do not think everyone has wealthy mothers that they are easily a gift condo from an auction. It is a reality, Horton was not successful and I do not think, she earned a lot of money from her entry-level job. It was her mother encouraged when she was in a complicated situation.

In conclusion, the author explained that Horton is the authority in the article, but I think her mother more powerful than Horton. I would change the title, for one of the rich mothers helped her daughter paid off $220,000 student loans. It is sound more believable. However, it is true; the article consists of advantages and disadvantages points of view. My approach is the article accessible for the self-motivation people who do not have an idea of how to cover student loans.


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