Building an E-commerce Website for Your Small Business

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You have a small business idea, and you are ready to build an ecommerce website to begin your professional journey into the online retail market. It might be the first time you are running a shop like this, and even if you are no stranger to the consumer product industry, ecommerce is a unique space that is always adapting and changing in response to customer interests and concerns. To build a platform for ecommerce that promises a successful path forward, this guide to building a small business website should help you with every question you may have along the way.

First and foremost, you should not consider building your own website from scratch unless you already are an expert in site design and backend development. Given that many do not have this background, newcomers to ecommerce assume they will have to hire someone to do it for them, but that is not the case thanks to ecommerce platforms like Shopify. These platforms build your website for you, with no concession on your end to a creative website that represents you and your product line. With options for themes, layouts, and color schemes, you can find the perfect website design for you and your new ecommerce business without having to pay a developer or learn code yourself. This saves you time and energy, and also gives you the resources of a professional to utilize for building the site of your dreams.

Once you have your website courtesy of Shopify or another ecommerce platform, your next step should be to develop and strategically design a logo and branding plan. Your logo should be simple and straightforward, but also visually stimulating enough to drive sales. You do not need to make some intricate design to be effective, nor do you need to stress too much about your logo. Many ecommerce sites that have success feature logos that fit the energy and vibe of their products they sell. For example, if you sell books, something reading related would do quite well.

Branding is important as well, and things like taglines or positioning statements allow you a verbiage to utilize on social media and other marketing platforms to develop a dialogue customers will come to know as your unique approach to ecommerce. Things like branded packaging, little accessories like pencils or eyeglass cleaning cloths, and more can go a long way when building a customer base. Image is everything in business; and getting your logo and branding in as many hands and in front of as many eyes as possible can be incredibly successful.

Lastly, branding and logo saturation could not be any easier thanks to the social media age. Twitter, Facebook, and other massive social media platforms allow you a direct communication line with customers as well as potential customers. This means you can reach new audiences who may not be aware of your products or website with the click of a mouse. Even if you are on the go, social media apps allow you to post your promotional materials on the go, and hashtags allow customers and your engaged audience to show off their purchases. A strong hashtag for you company, likely based on your positioning or branding statement, allows customers a way to promote your ecommerce business easily when they have a positive experience. For free, you theoretically have hundreds of thousands of potential brand ambassadors waiting for you on social media from all over the world.

Your website is only steps away from being the face of a successful ecommerce business. By utilizing Shopify or other ecommerce platforms, you can build your website quickly and stay true to your vision. A good website drives sales, so taking the time to build a great site now means massive success in the future.

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