Impact of COVID-19 on Small Business: Total Survival Guide 

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The deadly outbreak of COVID-19 has immobilized the nation with intense economic crisis due to continuous lockdowns and virus panic. Among the most affected are the small to medium sized business houses that are forced to close their operations. Thus to sustain their existence, most of them have directed their business through the online work from home mode. Accordingly, these organizations are inducting comprehensive automated CRM solutions like Soffront CRM to synchronize the process functionalities through a planned approach.

Strategies by Small Businesses for Surviving COVID-19

Work from home with cyber-workstations

Organizations are finding it optimally secured to run their operational workflows through work from home option assisted by data-centric software like CRM. Thus, all-inclusive CRM system should be integrated with automated scheduling software like Calendly, ensuring online appointment timetables, wherein visiting potential customers can directly register an engagement with the sales team. Besides, live client-focussed information is automatically uploaded to authenticate customer records for improved conversions. This automation also mitigates the requirement for any physical data maintenance activity.

Identify Potential clients

The first step towards coordinating small-sized business firms is to ascertain the prospective client base to be engaged in effectuating optimal conversions. Hence, automated CRM system should be introduced to interact with the potential target customers by the means of unique email marketing techniques, and proactive social media interactivity. Thus, precise sales and marketing perceptions is vital to create, plan, and transform prospective leads into engaged sales-inclined buyers.

Boost employees’ productivity with Project Management software

As CRM integrates the entire operational workflows, it removes the physical process of interconnectivity with prospective customers. The divisions of sales, marketing, post-sales services are automated to save time and money in augmenting interrelations with existing and potentially fresh clients for enhancing the revenue generation. Besides, it is advisable to synchronize CRM with virtual intelligence applications like project management software capable of creating fresh projects and group responsibilities. Accordingly, the project management software apportions these duties to competent workforce deployed in diversified operational functions. Moreover, the employees can track their pending tasks and individual routine job completion times.

Accelerate productivity through optimum sales

The CRM solution offers the advertisers to compensate the costs of acquiring fresh prospective clients by optimizing their existing customer base. This optimization of the operational performance can be derived by different approaches.

  • Increased productivity of sales

Digital marketers need to drive those potential leads or customers that seem to be optimally convertible into ultimate sales-ready buyers, depending on the client correspondences.

  • Stimulating the potentiality of upsell and cross-sell

CRM aids in improving the perceptibility to upsell and cross-sell products and services to potential customers in the sales pipeline.

  • Amplifying the selling effect

CRM offers exact information related to the prospective target audiences who are engaged in the products or services of the firm through different marketing campaigns. Accordingly to enhance the conversion rate of sales, marketing team need to approach the prospective clients at the right moment to obtain relevant feedbacks and reviews.

  • Alleviating the duration to secure the sale

CRM software minimizes the duration to settle a potential conversion, by connecting the sales team instantly with the relative prospective client to close the deal.

Maximize the retaining of clients

CRM automation offers new prospects for the prevailing customers at the exact phases of the advertising campaigns, thereby boosting the interrelationships with these engaged potential buyers. Thus, through effective engagements, perceptions and promotions about the products or services can be nurtured among the potential clients to bring them back as returning customers.

Hence, with these unique techniques bolstered by customized CRM solutions, it becomes simpler for small organizations to coordinate their operational workflows, and avert the financial stagnancy arising from the intimidating pandemic.

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