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Feminism in My Last Duchess and It’s a Woman’s World Analytical Essay

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My Last Duchess


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My Last Duchess Poem Analysis

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My Last Duchess


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My Last Duchess by Robert Browning

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My Last Duchess


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My Last Duchess by Robert Browning

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Robert Browning’s My Last Duchess

Summary of a poem My Last Duchess

The Poem My Last Duchess


Robert Browning

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Poem by Robert Browning

Description: “My Last Duchess” is a poem by Robert Browning, frequently anthologised as an example of the dramatic monologue. It first appeared in 1842 in Browning’s Dramatic Lyrics. The poem is composed in 28 rhyming couplets of iambic pentameter.
In the first edition of Dramatic Lyrics, the poem was merely titled “Italy”.

Speakers: the Duke of Ferrara

Allusion: Perhaps the most significant allusion—a reference to another work of art or text—is at the end of the play to the Roman god Neptune. The listener appears to be ready to leave the Duke’s art collection, perhaps because he has realized that the Duke is cruel and dangerous.

Major Themes in “My Last Duchess”: Jealousy, hatred, and power are the major themes of this poem. Browning has presented the character of a duke who wants to rule his woman with an iron fist. He talks about his late wife and details the reasons why he did not like her.

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