Comparing Two Poems Analytical Essay

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Comparing two poems was quite an interesting part. Here, I didn’t compare the summary of both the poems but instead, compared what makes these poems look different, how the poets had used the language to attract their readers. Here, I am comparing two poems which have quite similar language use, which are “Stopping by woods on a snowy evening” and “As I walked out one evening”.The poems are very interesting. These poems are in rhyming type because the last words of poem rhymes with each other. Whereas, with this similarity too there is one difference, the rhymes of words match with either after two lines or after one line. “Stopping by woods on a snowy evening” has total four stanzas in total, which as a result each line has four beats also a stressed syllable, which maintains a regular rhythm within in the poem, which as a result plod a slow-moving horse. Rhyming words are very important in this poem because it contribute to the opposites of moving on or stopping, a major theme. One thing in this poem which strike in my mind was the flow ofpoem, earlier the momentum of poem was not well because of the connection of rhyming with third line, which as a result temporarily stops the smooth flow of poem. The lines are in flow which as a result creates no pauses which suggests the continue flow of life, a smooth familiar routine. Poem provides some imagery and sensory language which help us as readers to fully experience the poem and engage with it. Whereas poem “As I walked out one evening” is a lyrical poem, which is balled with ABCB quatrains pattern.

Every poem represents a speaker, it is not necessary that every poem had one speaker, but some of them might have two or more than that. Therefore, in this poem there are three speakers which are described as the narrator, the singer who loves singing and even the clocks represent speaker. This poem is all about a man who walks out for a stroll one evening, whereas, the other poem is the onewho trusts the readers, also the words, and sounds and sense helps in appealing to all types of forms. This poem is ambiguity which as a result make this poem quite fresh and helps the readers to maintain their interest in it. Even the narrative sets up this subtle tension between the timeless attraction of lovely woods and the pressing obligations of present time.

Even the tenth stanza of this poem personifies that the horse give shake as if to question why they have stopped. Poem stopping by woods is of alteration type because poet had used repetition of some words in order to maintain it’s continuous flow of poem for example, woods was the most used word in the poem. Whereas, in other poem Auden used wheat in terms of time which as a result represents it in art as a metaphor for old age. The harvest season is used as a metaphor because it represents the last stage of life cycle and arrival of a new season which is winter. The poem as I walked out one evening the tone of poem shifts to many phases according to different stanzas, for example, after talking about seasons in a serious tone suddenly in other stanza it changed to nursery rhyming or childish tone. The underlying theme of this poem is time is the cycle of life. Whereas, in the other poem Frost starts the poem with a possessive pronoun which was an unusual thing to do but later in the poem he manages to make it work and which immediately grabs the attention of its readers. One can be so involved that the poem at one-point sounds that speaker is sitting close by, and thinking out loud whereas, whispers. Each pattern of accents in a line is called a food and in this poem lines we feel the alternating feet stepping forward. This poem quite sounds like Lambic tone which is quite like our ears
because it is commonly used by Shakespeare, Robert Frost and many other. In poem stopping by woods the final quatrain has the speaker again reaffirming the peace and haunting beauty of the snowy woods. The last repeated lines in his poem confirms the reality of his situation. It will be a long time before he disengages with the conscious world. At last I could conclude this comparison by saying there are some similarities between both poems. The tone of these poems is quite similar and both poems had the lines ending with rhymes. There are some words used as metaphor in both poems.


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How do you compare poems step by step?
To compare poems step by step, start by reading each poem carefully and identifying their themes, tone, and literary devices. Then, analyze their structures and forms, and finally, draw connections and contrasts between the two poems.
How do you compare two poems?
To compare two poems, look at their themes, metaphors, and symbols. Also look at the form of the poem, including the stanzas and the rhyme scheme.
What is a comparison in poetry?
A comparison in poetry is when the poet compares two things using metaphors and similes.
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