Social Identity and Personal Identity

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Firstly, what is identity? I will start with answering this question, identity is related with understanding of people who they are and what is significant or meaningful for them. These understandings are shaped in connection to certain traits that take need over other sources of meaning. There are some of the main sources for identity: gender, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, and social class. Sociologists are generally argued that there are two kinds of identities, social identity and personal identity.

Social identity: it is referring to the group of people attributes or attitude towards to an individual or person. Markers that show who, in an essential sense, that person is. At the same time, these characteristics put that person in connection to others who share the same qualities. If examples should be given, mothers, fathers, student, nurse, doctor, Muslim, catholic etc. As we know that we can have more than one social identities. For instance, a mother can be a Muslim at the same time can be a doctor because of these variety of social identities, we have some of conflict in society. At the same time, Social personalities include a collective measurement. They check ways that people are the same as others. They check ways that people are the same as others. Shared identities—based on common objectives, values, or experiences—serve as a capable source of individual meaning or self- worth.

Self-identity: In case social personalities check ways in which people are the same as others, self- personality (or individual character) sets us separated as unmistakable people. Self- character alludes to the method of self-development through which we define a special sense of ourselves and our relationship to the world. The idea of self- personality draws intensely on the work of typical interactionists. Our steady transaction with the exterior world shapes our sense of self, connecting us possess individual and open universes. Although the social and social environment may be a figure in forming self- personality, person office and choice are key.


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