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Development of Diagnostic Practice in Psychology

Before the beginning of 20th century diagnostic practice in psychology was very general and psychoanalysis as we know it today did not exist. However, the development of a system for classification of psychological illnesses was crucial to the advancement of medical science. Therefore, the American Psychiatric Association created a classification called DSM. First edition called…




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A Review on Medical Diagnostic Systems Using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

ABSTRACT The disease is an abnormal condition, a disorder that affects a part or full body.  Diagnosis is the identification of a disease, disorder, or other condition that a person may have. Diagnoses are sometimes very easy to come by, while others may be a bit trickier. The medical field is very rich in information but…



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The Invention that Changed Diagnostics

Things in the medical field are ever-changing. There are always new practices and ideas coming about, along with new cures, vaccines and inventions. Today, almost all hospitals are 100% electronic, and if they are not they are very close (Westveer). In 1977, Dr. Raymond Damadian performed the first full body scan using NMR — Nuclear…


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Academic Performance of African American Students

Society has long maintained certain stereotypes about there being inherent differences in performance or natural ability between racial groups. For instance, that African Americans are better at sports than Caucasians, or that Caucasians perform better academically than African Americans, or that Asians are better at mathematics than Caucasians. These stereotypes are based on the assumption…




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Endometriosis and the Progression of Diagnostics and Treatment

The disease affects about 10% of women, and begins once puberty and menstruations begin and ends at menopause onset; centering on reproduction and menstruation (Alini, Ashrafi, Arabipoor, Shahrokh-Thraninejad, Sadatmahalleh, & Akhond, 2018, Palla, 2017). Many features are diagnostic of the illness, including symptoms, treatment, and a variety of types. Diagnostics have come a long way…




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The DSM: Psychiatry’s Deadliest Scam

Without even watching this documentary 1 could imagine what it was going to be, I mean the title says it all doesn’t it, an expository film that would give us the truth on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and those behind it, the American Psychiatric Association. Although, within the first five minutes…


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Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis

Acute appendicitis is a common inflammatory disease state that may result in an acute abdomen and require emergent surgical intervention. The diagnosis of appendicitis is multifaceted: it is important to take into account the clinical picture, imaging studies, and laboratory findings. The clinical presentation of appendicitis is most commonly right lower quadrant (RLQ) pain with…




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Diagnostic Value of Intra-Operative Ultrasound Compared with Intra-Operative Assessmemt in Detection of pancreatic Resectability

Abstract Surgical exploration in patients with pancreatic or periampullary cancer is often performed without intraoperative image guidance. Although intraoperative ultrasound (IOUS) may enhance visualization during resection, this tool has not been investigated in detail until now. Objectives: The primary objective was to evaluate the impaсt of IOUS on the surgical strategy. Radicality of the resections…




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Setting Up Homeworking Radiology Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Abstract Objective: The purpose of this paper is to function as a succinct guide for setting up homeworking radiology capability amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. It covers non-technical and technical aspects, with reference to normal standards. This paper will be relevant to radiologists working in hospital and private clinic settings as well as other disciplines actively…

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My Career Choice as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Over the course of my Introduction to Information Technology class, I was given an assignment to research three careers. One career was of my choice and could be in any field. The other two careers were required to be in Information technology. It was also required that one of the technology careers dealt with IT…

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