Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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Complementary and alternative medicine is another medicine that complements mainstream medicine beyond mainstream medicine. Modern western medicine does not fully meet the needs of patients. Complementary and alternative medicine provides patients with more beneficial choices and opens a broader road to the paradise of rehabilitation.


Complementary and alternative medicine covers a wide range of topics, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM, acupuncture, finger pressure, qigong), Indian medicine, immunotherapy (lymphocyte therapy, etc.), psycho-therapy, hot spring therapy and oxygen therapy. Indeed, it contains some unscientific content, which may be hard for doctors practicing western medicine to accept. However, people must admit the fact that the mechanism and effectiveness of scientifically proven therapies are increasing rapidly recently.

Proposed Provide Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Nowadays, the use of complementary and alternative medicine is becoming more and more common. Clinical trials show that complementary and alternative medicine has many advantages. Alternative treatments can reduce the number of prescription drugs people need. Practitioners of alternative therapies do not use drugs to provide relief because they believe that treatment involves not only physical but also emotional and mental health. (Fugh-Berman, 1997). Acupuncture can relieve pain without taking drugs with side effects. Supplementary and alternative medicine focuses on prevention, as the old saying goes, ‘One point of prevention is better than treatment.’ Preventing disease through comprehensive practice and sensible lifestyle practices is an essential element of health. Many types of alternative medicine encourage patients to perform ‘well treatments,’ which are treatments that focus on prevention before the disease occurs, and care when they are sick. (Ventegodt, Andersen and Merrick, 2003)

Requirements for the Feasible Provide Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Policy, safety and quality are the main reasons people are not receptive. The development of complementary and alternative medicine varies from culture to culture. Therefore, there is no scientific standard for either national standard or international evaluation with complementary and alternative medicine method. In order to ensure that complementary and alternative medicine becomes scientific and qualified, the training of CAM providers must be tested. How to ensure the rational use of complementary and alternative medicine should be addressed, and more importantly, there are many aspects to rational use, including: Supplier qualification and licensing, proper use of quality assurance, complementary and alternative medical suppliers to provide good communication, and provision of scientific information and guidance to the public.


In summary, complementary and alternative medicines show their greatest potential. Complementary and alternative medicine, which allows patients to control pain without relying on prescription drugs, is more likely to be less toxic and less invasive. Especially for those patients who are recognized as a difficult disease by western medicine, no doubt in good news. So, it is good way for proposed provide complementary and alternative medicine in a local health authority.


A local health authority should increase the investment in the research fund of complementary and alternative medicine, especially the investment in basic research, and guide the clinical practice through the results of basic research, so as to further improve the clinical effect.

Strengthen academic exchanges with mainstream medicine, and learn from each other through exchanges, so as to further improve their own strength. The role of complementary and alternative medicine in medicine will also be further developed.

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