Traditional Medicine

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Traditional medicine is also known as folk medicine. It includes the knowledge of traditional medicine that has been carried over many generations before modern medicine began. According to world health organization (Who.int, 2014), it said that “traditional medicine is a product of the olden people based from their culture”. The olden people used these medicines to maintain good health and learn how they can prevent and treat their physical as well as mental health (Wikipedia.org, 2008). I choose this topic because it is interesting, and I want to know more about it. Here in Oman, there are people who still practice traditional medicine and they still find it effective.

The aims and objectives of this paper to answer the following questions:

  • Why is traditional medicine still very important in our life?
  • What are some common traditional medicines in Oman?
  • What can traditional medicines cure?
  • What is more used traditional medicines or synthetic medicines?

In Oman there is a village named Al – Awabi where their local people use traditional medicines and many of them are able to heal them selve as well other people completely as doctors. There are some common traditional medicines in Oman, for example Al- Tajbeer. It is used by mixing flour and eggs and put it on the injury place for some days in order to heal the injury. According to Al-Bahari has been known as famous Al- Tajbeer homeopath “the mix of flour and egg helps to avoid foot movements and maintain their safety from dislocation”. In Al- Awabi also there is a woman her name is Asia Al-kindi , she treated people form diseases like, chest and abdominal hypertrophy by using iron it called (kia). She heated the iron on the fire for few minutes and then placed on the chest or neck. She said that “hot iron reduces the pain of the chest and stomach” (Al-kindi, 2018).

Traditional medicine helps to restore body condition to normal balance also there are some herbs that work on different orders. There are many people who still using traditional medicines because sometimes synthetic medicines affect negatively on a person’s health. In fact, these medicines usually contain chemicals that sometimes affects the body. Herbs have no adverse effects or side effects, and treatments are natures which is the greatest test point (Wort, 2017).

At present, synthetic medicines are more commonly use then traditional medicine, because substances are used in different ways in the laboratory and these substances are not found in natural plants (Tanne j, 2006). Herbal medicines are cheap and easily accessible, but infective against very serious conditions and they are slow to treat fractures. Sometimes, fractures cannot be fixed by herbal medicines, so that’s why at this time they use synthetic medicine, because it is better and quicker to resolve fractures. (Y- Speak, 2017).

The traditional medicine is important just like synthetic medicine, because there are some diseases that heal only with the herbs. The people who always use synthetic medicine should try using herbs and see if there is a difference.

In my opinion, I believe that traditional medicine is important like synthetic medicine, so I recommend to the readers to try using herbal and traditional medicines and see their benefits.


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