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Communication Within Your Discourse Community

Discourse communities to me as I have come to find by numerous websites like “SocialMettle” and from Swales is that discourse communities is a group of individuals with similar ideas that are made up of values and assumptions that are achieved through communication. According to Swales discourse communities is presented in a way throughout his…



Discourse Community

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Basketball Team Discourse Community

Over the recent weeks, the class and I have investigated the meaning of the discourse community. All the more explicitly, I have explored further into the discourse community that I was a piece of. The discourse community in which I originate from is by and largely separated of the Clovis East basketball team. Basketball enabled…


Discourse Community

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Tri Delta Discourse Community

In this paper, I will be talking about a discourse community that is important to me and that I have been wanting to be a member for a long period of time. Tri Delta sorority is a women’s assembly in the University of Central Florida. Being a member of this discourse community, we have always…


Discourse Community

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Discourse Community Definition

“Discourse community is the first of two frames for analysis that this chapter provides in order to help you consider how people use texts and language to accomplish work together.”(Swales) In other words, from the perspective of Swales, discourse communities are classified similarly to genres. Only in the event of discourse communities, groups of people…


Discourse Community

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Discourse Community “Hooked On Bass”

There are hundreds of thousands of discourse communities in the world. As explained by a researcher and an educator, John Swales, “A discourse community is a group of people involved in, and communicating about a particular topic, issue, or in a particular field.” With this definition of a discourse community, I belong in multiple discourse…

Discourse Community,


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Dungeons and Dragons Discourse Community

You look up and see a giant, mean, ugly, and ready to kill any intruder at the gate. As a team they can either run or fight the giant as a team and see what riches and power lay ahead. These are the decisions one would make in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons, with…


Discourse Community

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ROTC Discourse Community

My ROTC discourse community uses a form of lexis that will make it a discourse community. For, example the army itself has customs of the service. In the customs of service any soldier is expected to use correct titles when they are having conversations between other service members. Some people title when used by others…


Discourse Community

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