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My Transformation into Motherhood

Before I had my oldest daughter, I didn’t think it would be too hard to have a baby. I assumed that I would love Emma from the moment she was born and I would transform into motherhood seamlessly. I was shocked when Emma came along that this didn’t quite happen. I floundered in the hospital,…


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Working Moms: Representing Motherhood in the Media

Motherhood in the media, a subject all too familiar with moms. Career women are shown trying to have it all, but seemingly at the expense of their families, children, and sanity. The working mother is often portrayed as cold, selfish, career-obsessed and struggling. The popular culture surrounding motherhood has created the so-called “Mommy Wars” in…



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Teen Motherhood

In 2015, over 200,000 babies were born to girls under the age of 20 (Center for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2017). Although the number of teenage births each year has declined over the past decade, and is continuing on a downward trend (CDC, 2017), there continues to be a significant number of mothers, children,…


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Single Motherhood in America

As times have changed in America, so has society, its norms, and its expectations. For mothers, society has a plethora of opinions of what a mother should be and do. Within the last 50 years, society has changed motherhood in America to be much more demanding and uncompromising. The creation and idealization of the ‘super…


Single Parent

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