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Single Mothers

According to Dawn Lee of singlemotherguide.com “about 1 in 4 children are being raised without a father”. Single mothers have become very popular and uncommon. Being a single mother has no longer become a unique situation. Children bring joy to ones life, but there is no lie that raising one on your own may be…



Single Parent

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Health Disparities in Single Mothers

Introduction Being a single parent comes with its own unique set of circumstances for health issues or concerns. A study published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health examined data from 15 countries and found that women in the United States, Denmark, England, and Sweden are at an increased risk of developing adverse cardiovascular…



Single Parent

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Single Fathers

The subculture where race and/or gender, sex, or some other social identity(ies) play a significant role in the significance of that space I choose to observe was single fathers. I investigated this group of people for about 2 weeks and interviewed someone from that subculture. The man I observed was Anthony Brown he is a…


Single Parent

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Single Motherhood in America

As times have changed in America, so has society, its norms, and its expectations. For mothers, society has a plethora of opinions of what a mother should be and do. Within the last 50 years, society has changed motherhood in America to be much more demanding and uncompromising. The creation and idealization of the ‘super…


Single Parent

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Child Food Insecurity among Single Parent Families

There is no single archetype for food insecurity, as it is a complex problem that does not exist in isolation. Low-income families in the United States are particularly susceptible, as food insecurity is often the result of compounding issues such as: low wages, health problems, social isolation, and inadequate housing (Hunger & Health, 2018). The…

Food Insecurity,

Single Parent

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