Women and Marriage

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Women play a very great role in ensuring that marriages are successfully upheld, women make one of the parties that are involved in marriage. Historically, from the biblical history and other histories, women came to exist after a man had been created prior and because of boredom that man experienced, a woman got a chance to be created to offer some comfort to man. In the Garden of Eden, God who was the creator, created a man by the name Adam and after a while, he introduced a helper- a wife by the name Eve(woman), this woman played a very significant role in comforting the man who prior lacked one of his kind and that is when the start of marriage started.

Marriage is a union that exists after a woman makes a steep of joining the man’s niche to live as a wife and husband. Marriage does exist due to various reasons such as sibling’s reproduction, companion, and many other reasons (Adichie, 2015). For a marriage to exist, there must be some legal procedures that may have been followed to make it valid to the society and even nation. The parties involved in marriage must tie a knot under the supervision of various officials such as the Priests, Reverends, and even Judges. Those are the most important people that ensure that a marriage is put into existence.

There have various writers who have carried out research on woman and marriage. They have tried to bring out clearly various of notions about a woman and how they are related to marriage. They have tried giving some clear clarifications on the pillars that govern marriage. According to Knapton, 2015 states that marriage has various that ensures that it is upheld. Sarah states that marriage is always practiced by women due to some beneficial reasons that are unavoidable.

She says that marriage is very much important when it comes to health matters, she explains that marriage makes most women be emotionally fit, it helps most women to lack stress since most men are women’s happiness. She says that it is due to this health reason that most ladies find themselves seeing marriage as the most important organ in their life. Even though women are forced to join marriage without any alternative option, men benefit most from marriage since these women make a very significant part in marriage and that is the reason as to why they even beg and seduce most women to give them a hand in marriage.

According to Harmon 2012, marriage is a major factor that makes most women be successful in various fields that they may be dreaming of venturing in, such as politics, social and even cultural fields. Ann states that most women need empowerment from their husbands to be viewed as a public figure. She states that women that are not married are seen to be immoral and even people have got poor perceptions and attitudes about them. People in the society view them as wondering ‘dogs’ that have no owner to accommodate them.

So, this force most women to force themselves into marriage to seek respect from the society and the nation. After they are done with marriage that is with a husband most probably a family, which is well managed. They then get the courage of extending their hand of serving the entire society as leaders. She further states that even after they are married whenever they want to be leaders, they must be under their partners’ shadow, and it is the shadow that will determine whether they will be successful in whatever dream that they may think of accomplishing.

According to the biblical perspective on women and marriage, women are advised to get married and sire more children to feel the world. This makes most women from various denominations to stick to what the word of God commands them to do. The word of God states that a woman must in marriage to help and comfort the man. Most Christians feel ‘dirty’ when they go unmarried both men and woman. They see themselves as sinners since they have gone against God’s plan. They really understand that the word states that they should help each other in procreation, so they cannot procreate without them being married to each other. They do see that it is there mandates to work hard to ensure that the work of the Almighty is not interfered with. This makes most women to consider marriage as an important organ in the world of Christianity.

Most women do feel inferior when not with their counterparts, they do feel they cannot manage themselves, or even the family and some other activities that are involved in their own life. They do see men as a weapon to cover them up. A hustling machine that will go look for a living and then bring it for them. That is the reason as to why most women do feel life cannot continue without a man, hence being forced to be in a marriage. Women have got that notion in mind which make them believe that men are the provider and they are the receiver. They believe even if they are involved in propelling or even venturing into anything, a man must be around to give them support either advise-wise or even financial. They understand that their money is insufficient and hence it is through their husbands in a marriage that they will use ‘sufficient’ capital in making investments, and so on, (O’Connor, 2014).

In accordance with Waldman 2016, women did fight for their rights in the previous years, where they requested equality among men. They requested that they should be given equal opportunities as men, where they went ahead stating that ‘What a man can do a woman can do it better.’ They had a notion that they stay independently to a point where they don’t get married. But still, the women are not yet satisfied with the equality given since they still need the support that is from men, whom they gave the challenge to power division. This is the main agenda that is running worldwide, they even want the job employment curricula to give them equal chances as men, but still they condemn men to play their roles as men in the family, a situation that force their request to be totally ignored or even forgone since they still see dependence as the best option to take in life. They do still aim to marry into a secure life and comfort from these men.

Generally, the institution of marriage has often been a forcible system used against women for political, social, and economic reasons. Marriage was used politically to appease certain families as well as keep power within the very wealthy. Additionally, marriage was used socially to gain favor with certain families who may be wealthier or have more political power. Economically, marriage was used to combine wealth and keep money in certain families. However, despite these reasons, many women were forced into marriages they did not want to have. Often, these women were physically, emotionally, and sexually abused, with their husbands facing no repercussions in the eyes of the law. Women were property to their husbands and were treated as such according to an article by Simkin, 2017.

In conclusion, most works of literature have portrayed that women need to be married and stick to marriage since, it is through marriage that they are secure with their properties and life, they gain respect from the society and nation and even awarded leadership wards for they are seen to be responsible and persevering in the society. This is the reason as to why there have various holidays set to celebrate women for the right decisions that they made in getting and settling in their marriage. It is through marriage that they are could mother and giving men father title.


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