Four Types of Marriage

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There are many types of marriage and there are many reasons people choose to get married. Some people think that marriage is only about who is getting what? Who gets everything and gets nothing. But marriage is not about having a wife to just stay home have children and take care of everything at home. People these days get married for a partnership. They get married for love to work together to grow and build a life together.

There are so many different types of marriage. There are so many reasons people get married. There are four different types of marriage that will be discussed in this paper. Same sex, common law, interracial and arranged marriage.

Same sex marriage is a marriage also known as gay marriage between two people who has the same biological sex. Since the 1970’s there has been a disagreement over the topic of same sex marriage. Even though it has become legal in the United States people still discriminate. People believe that they deserve the rights they are granted by the government. An upstanding citizen who pays their taxes should be afforded the rights of an American. However, not all citizens are afforded equal rights.

Gay and lesbians are always denied rights that are typically taken for granted by people who are not gay or lesbian. Specifically, gay and lesbians couples are denied the right to marry even if they are upstanding citizens. But the reason marriage same sex is legal is because people have come to realize that things are not the same as they were in the 50’s people are not getting married because they have to people. They get married because they want to.

Common law marriage is not used in all fifty states but it is a thing when you have lived with someone for a certain amount of years. In the last hundred decades marriage was traditionally based upon the women staying home, raising children, while the man went out and earned a living to support the family. But common law marriage is not really a choice. It is kind of a forced thing because some people just want to be girlfriend and boyfriend. Marriage is not for everyone.

Interracial marriage is a union between two people from different racial backgrounds. interracial marriage has been on the rise and has predominantly become popular among recent generations. Interracial marriages, despites the challenges it faced in the early centuries due to slavery and racial segregations is now common across many cultures.Interracial marriage is just a good example of how much the marriage definition has changed. And how much people have changed their opinion about marriage. Even though people still discriminate against interracial couples; the percentage of them are at a constant uprise.

Arranged marriage is still a thing in today’s modern society. In an arranged marriage, both expected spouses are committed and have a very clear objective marriage. They are both serious about getting married and have a mature attitude toward marriage. Arranged marriage is usually set up to get a daughter married to a man with money.

Although people still believe in the old ways when it comes to marriage. Marriage has become more of a partnership rather than an agreement on how everyone one is supposed to be.


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