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How Different Parenting Styles Shape Children’s Life

In the article the author developed a different understanding the importance of different parenting styles with different cultures. With her research she studied different collective views on how each culture raised their kids with parenting styles in the United States. The author did an investigation on how different parenting practice are not the not the…


Parenting Styles

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Impact of Perceived Parenting Style on Tourism Motivation Level

Abstract The main objective of this study was to examine the impact of perceived parenting style on tourism motivation level among Malaysian undergraduates in Klang Valley. This research was considered as a single factor independent design study, as there were three levels needed to be tested in an independent variable. In this study, there were…

Parenting Styles

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Different Parenting Styles and Child’s Life Satisfaction

Introduction Statement of the Problem Today, children’s life satisfaction and depression are crucial to a child’s overall emotional development. Depressive symptoms are the most common emotional symptoms found in both children and adolescents. When analyzing a child’s emotional development and overall satisfaction with their lives, what impact does a certain parenting style play into this?…


Parenting Styles

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Perceived Parenting Style and Level of Narcissism among Emerging Adulthood

According to Erikson, emerging adulthood is the period of adolescents’ emphasis upon identity formation. The young adult, emerging from the search for insistence on identity, is eager and willing to fuse their identity with that of others. They are ready for intimacy, that is, the capacity to commit to concrete affiliations and partnerships. They well…


Parenting Styles

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