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The Dharma Concept in Buddhism

This textual analysis paper explores two sacred texts, one from Hinduism and one from Buddhism, found in Sacred Scriptures of the World’s Religions. In order to arrive at a fuller understanding of Buddhism and Hinduism, one must carefully study their religious texts. The Hindu text examined is Actions and Their Results in which it discusses…



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Buddha’s teachings

Mission of the Buddha was for the good of many and or the welfare of many (bahujanahitāya bahujansukhāya). It was a mission to spread awareness in human society against evil things and evil deeds. He started this mission for delivering man from all kinds of sufferings. While its primary interest has been moral and spiritual,…



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The Buddha as a Great Leader

The Buddha is one of the more famous historical leaders on this planet. Originally named Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha lived from 563 -480 BCE and was the founder of the Buddhist religion in Ancient India and parts of what is now Nepal. The Buddha’s greatest achievement was his enlightenment which allowed him to proceed in…



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What the Buddha Taught

The book What the Buddha Taught, by Walpola Rahula, is a comprehensive, short, and accurate book about the Buddha’s teachings and of the Buddhist tradition. It serves as a fantastic book to start with on the subject of Buddhism, while still leaving interpretation up to the reader in some contexts while clarifying common misconceptions in…



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Buddha’s Ideas and Women in Buddhism

In the document, the Buddhas Early Life, Siddhartha also known as, Buddha, had a planned life. His mother had died which lead to anger and depression at a young age. His father was a king. As a young child Siddhartha was spoiled, anything he wanted would be provided for him. His father picked him a…



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Lumbini Province, Nepal


Kushinagar, India


Gautama Buddha, popularly known as the Buddha, was an ascetic and a religious teacher of South Asia who lived in the latter half of the first millennium BCE.





Full name: Siddhartha Gautama

Parents: Śuddhodana, Maya

Siblings: Sundari Nanda, Nanda

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