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Architectural Whispers Through Time: Unveiling the Soul of Ancient Egyptian Creations

Pages 3 (585 words)

Ancient Egypt


Introduction As the sun’s golden rays cast their gentle touch upon the timeless sands of the Nile, a symphony of stone and imagination unfolds. Ancient Egyptian architecture emerges from the depths of history like a vivid dream, bridging the chasm between the mortal and the divine. This essay embarks on a journey through the intricate…

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My Impression of the Book a Long Way Gone Review

Pages 3 (681 words)

A Long Way Gone



My book is called A long way gone and it’s talking about how a group of kids survived a war land by themselves without anyone helping except them coming together. As they’re trying their best to survive on this dangerous and hard mission death comes along and takes down one by one of this small…

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Adolf Hitler’s Responsibility for the Holocaust

Pages 13 (3 055 words)

Adolf Hitler


Nazi Germany

Adolf Hitler as we all know is the person responsible for the Holocaust. As well as responsible for orchestrating World War II when he and his Nazi Party invaded Poland on September 1, 1939. Which led Britain and France to declare war on Germany. Some background on Hitler is that he served in World War…

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The Events That Led Up to the American Revolution

Pages 5 (1 123 words)

American History

Boston Massacre

United States

There were many political motivations and social pressures that contributed to both English Imperialism and English colonization in North America. One thing that happened was that The English coveted what neighboring countries had acquired during expeditions and explorations outside of their home countries. During New World explorations, both Spain and France found riches that allowed…

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The Religion And War

Pages 3 (738 words)






If we were to look back into history, we can find many forms of violence or conflict. Conflict is an ongoing action that the human species seem to engage in, regardless of how people may feel about it. Cultures around the globe will have a different perspective on conflict or war, some may favor it,…

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Mysteries Beneath the Sands: Unveiling the Builders of the Pyramids of Giza

Pages 3 (544 words)

Ancient Egypt

Introduction The Pyramids of Giza, towering majestically over the Egyptian desert, have captured the human imagination for millennia. These colossal structures stand as an enigmatic testament to the ancient civilization’s architectural prowess and unwavering determination. Despite their enduring allure, the question of who built the Pyramids of Giza remains shrouded in mystery and intrigue. This…

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The Environment and the Formation of North American Colonial Society

Pages 3 (590 words)



United States

Compounded with other factors such as religious turmoil in Europe and political dissatisfaction, the environment of North America played a central role in the course of colonial societal growth. Whether it was struggling to survive by finding ways to farm crops in the New Worlds foreign soil or defending themselves against the native population, early…

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Feminism in the Jim Crow Justice System

Pages 7 (1 669 words)

African American Culture

African American History


Jim Crow Laws

After the Civil War, African American women had thought they were going to live a life of freedom with the same benefits as their white counterparts. However, the newly freed African American women in the south had didn’t have too much money, barely had education and racism impacted every one of their lives. The change…

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The Story Takes Place in The 21st Century

Pages 2 (476 words)



World War 2

This a Chinese young man, Lee Xin and a Japanese girl, Suzuki Yumiko who fell in love with each other while they volunteered as doctors in Kenya. However, they didn’t get blessings from his family because Lee Xin’s grandfather held grudges against the Japanese. Mr. Lee’s hatred against the Japanese is as intense as he…

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Marriage and Family

Pages 6 (1 402 words)


Family History


“Decades of marital research have demonstrated that the quality of couple communication plays crucial roles in shaping conjugal outcomes” (Driver, 2012). One of the downsides with not only marriage but also all of relationships is conflict. Conflict can be resolved easily if it is done in the right way. All couples have different strategies that…

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If you are a history student, you might have to write tons of essays about history of different civilizations, social movements, prominent individuals, wars, and all sorts of important events that shaped our society. You might want to start familiarizing yourself with the history essay examples as soon as possible because you are going to write a ton of those through years of studying.

Usually, when you think about the history essay, you imagine a discussion of a certain event and its effect upon the further events. Basically, that’s what it is but there are all sorts of writing assignments in the field, and your college teacher might come up with a variety of topics that would be both exciting and really challenging.

Discussing the events is not enough, a truly profound historical essay discusses a broad set of issues related to the event and gives an evaluation of its effect upon further developments. You should focus on delivering quality content and giving your audience the answers to all the possible questions regarding the even or significant individuals who shaped history.

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