Me, Woman, and Education

Updated October 17, 2020

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Me, Woman, and Education essay

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In the past, the Indonesian women before the existence of R.A Kartini were only housewives. What housewives did at that time was limited to being a wife, caring for children, taking care of the kitchen, and at that time there was also an intellectual gap between husband and wife. In order to be able to build a good family that teaches children in particular, not only a well-educated father is needed, but also mothers who are well-educated.

Unfortunately, the mindset of the Indonesian population still lingers before the opinion that women do not need higher education, because the end in the kitchen ends. I do not agree. There are three reasons why I would like to give higher education to women. That is, women with higher education improve family welfare, educated women become more independent and have a life-long life, and educated women have an influence on the country.

In my opinion, when highly qualified women will be able to improve the well-being of the family, especially with regard to the development of the child.

Educated women definitely want their children to be healthy so that they can get the best vaccine, good nutrition and education for their children. When a woman chooses a career, she can help her husband meet family needs. In addition, well educated women understand and understand how they are a good wife for their husband and how they can well share the time between the family and other things that care about them. Highly educated women also become more ready and qualified in life.

I disagree with the statement: “The life of a woman married to a rich man will guarantee his life.” Menurur as a woman, we must always be prepared with all conditions. Marrying a rich man does not guarantee that a woman’s life is happy and free from suffering. As a woman, I have the feeling that I have to be ready and not dependent on men.

When a woman gets married and becomes a housewife, she divorces her husband. Here I think that education plays an important role. At the very least, women who have been educated have the opportunity to feed their husbands after the divorce. I want to emphasize here that being a woman does not mean that you do not need men, but you need to be able to be alone as a woman without being dependent on men.
In my opinion, the number of highly educated women in one country will strengthen the country, as there are many skilled human resources.

Which woman does a country need to stay strong? Wise women are naturally educated and have a good character. Unfortunately, there are still people who consider women’s education to be unimportant, and there are women who still think, “Why is school difficult if you only look after children and cook in the kitchen?” In fact, I also know that this is all reality, but looking at the many benefits and benefits that can be achieved when highly educated women are no better, when women are allowed or even advocated to receive high education.

Being a woman with higher education has a great impact on herself, on the family and on people across the country. This has motivated me to continue to learn, to seek as much knowledge and the broadest insight. With the hope that in the future I can apply the knowledge I have acquired to be useful to my environment while both parents are proud

Me, Woman, and Education essay

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