We Should Care about Our Future

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I want everyone to close your eyes and picture everything you want in their future. Maybe you at your daughter’s high school graduation party, you got a MacBook or finally got a job as a doctor. But what if I told you, that you couldn’t have anything you wanted because someone took it all away from you. You never got to become a doctor because robots will take over 50% of jobs by 2030. You didn’t get a MacBook because you’re to scared of hackers. And you never got to see your baby girl go off to college because in Canada 600 people are diagnosed with cancer every day and every three in four will die, and you happened to be one of them. Then what if I told you that the person who took this future away from you, is you.

Every human on this earth has been informed multiple times, by multiple people that the things we do each day are not only affecting today but more so our future. We all have this image planted into our heads that the future is going to be this fantastique place with all this really cool technology. Let me tell you that if we keep living the way we do, there is no chance of that happening.

Remember how when you were growing up your parents told you, you could be anything you wanted. That’s no longer true. Up to 800 million workers will lose their job by 2030 (BBC News Services, paragraph 1) because 70 million jobs will be replaced by robots. Your privacy has become a thing of the past. Over 70% of people in developed countries sleep with a device in their room allowing hackers to watch you sleep, change and access everything on your phone. Scientists are working on a small machine called neurohacking. Neurohacking will target your brain to see everything you think and will “hijack” your actions so they can manipulate you.

The unfortunate part about technology is that children are the target. The second you open your PS4 to go play fortnite, your brain releases a “drug-like” substance called dopamine. Dopamine is what causes the addiction to technology and is the main reason why depression, short term memory, anxiety and ADHD will increase by 40%. Everyone thinks in the future were just going to be getting more `cool gadgets`. But where do you expect to put all of this technology when there’s no Earth to live on.

20 years ago, scientists thought that asteroids were going to be the cause of human extinction. Now they have realized the only ones who are going to kill us, is us. Do you see the snow outside, in April? That’s from all the greenhouse gasses we’ve caused. There is a place on earth known as the amazon desert, that used to be known as the amazon rainforest. We cut all of it`s billions of beautiful trees down and, wait, sorry. I forgot, our generation doesn’t know anything about trees. Well, you see, their these things that provide us with clean air to live, but even with that fact we still decided to cut 50% of them down within the past year.In 2045 only 40% of the air will be safe to breath in and 6 million people will die because of pollution.

We humans have the audacity to call ourselves the `smarter` generation. If we really were smart then we would have realized that if the butterfly effect states that a single tiny butterfly can stop a hurricane with just its wings, I’m sure 7.5 billion people can somehow come together and at least repair the world we have damaged. I will be the first one to tell you that no spiderman is going to come and save the world because we can`t do it ourselves. But what I can do, is talk to you about something that might hit a little closer to home, diseases affecting loss of families.

In 2050, 10 million people will die from infections because to many antibiotics are being given out to freely. In 2030, 700 000 people will die from malaria because climate change makes it easier for pests to carry around diseases. Cancer in Canada and will go up by 41% and one of the main reasons it’s caused is by radiation from our devices. Every 1 in 2 people in Canada will develop cancer. We humans have caused this horrible future for ourselves. This problematic future is headed in our direction, much stronger and faster than any storm we’ve ever seen.

The real problem with this world is not global warming, the diseases we caused or technology, it’s us. To all the future generations that are about to come: I’m sorry. I’m sorry we polluted the ocean so bad that it’s to dangerous for you to swim in it. I’m sorry you have to wear gas masks to school. I’m sorry we thought we could just destroy this whole planet then just send you off to go live on mars. We just never realized everything we had until it was gone. The sad part is, half of us today, don’t even care about tomorrow, let alone any of our future.

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