Updated October 31, 2020

Limitation and Future Research

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Limitation and Future Research essay
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The limitation for the study that have to be acknowledged and expected to be the subsequent study by the present research. The first is the other researcher must make a research at the other heritage sites in Malaysia such as Penang. This is because the researcher have a limit time to make a research, so the present researcher only cover one of the heritage sites in Malaysia it is Melaka. So, the researcher confirmed that the research about the perceived authenticity should be continue at the other heritage sites at Malaysia.

Secondly, the authenticity maybe have a different meaning regardless the geographical, races, region, cultural and others. So, the other researcher can make a test about the authenticity meaning that the tourist know. To test the feasibility of the study, the researcher must constructs it in a different context, so that they can examine the effects of the test that have been make.

Third, the data that have been collected from Banda Hilir, at Melaka. The researcher has a limit time to collect the data. The researcher only get a little response from the tourist to fill the questionnaire that the researcher distribute. So, for the future research, the future researcher must get more response from the tourist that will give corporation to fill the questionnaire.

Last but not least, the model that the researcher use in this study is simple. For the future research, the researcher must made the complex model to make a very detail research about the perceive authenticity of the heritage site. This is because the study that have been make is not very detail.

Limitation and Future Research essay

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