Fire Hydrants

Updated June 28, 2021
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Fire Hydrants essay

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Fire Hydrants are among the necessary equipment that is required to be fixed in estates, cities, and towns. This means that it is very important for one to have an idea how to use them; for instance, contractors, emergency response team including firefighters, street cleaners, and real estate developers/ caretakers should be on top of the list of people to have the idea on how to use fire hydrants. This is because fire emergencies are difficult to handle thus needs knowledge on how to use the relevant equipment. Additionally, fire hydrants are very expensive thus it requires that necessary steps to be followed so that one doesn’t spoil them because replacing will be costly.

The first step is getting the permit to use the hydrant from the relevant authorities. It is important to acquire a permit for installing and using a fire hydrant. This means that most cities and towns if you are either a contractor or a city cleaner you have a permit to use the fire hydrant. It is important to apply for the permit in advance if you are a contractor and you want to use the fire hydrant to supply water to your construction site. This permit can be obtained from city municipality offices or water and sewer offices.

Secondly, after you have obtained the permit to ensure that there is safety when you want to use the hydrant. But before that, you have to ensure that you have read the manual and understood the procedures required before doing anything. Safety is most important for everything that can cause damages or accidents. In this case, safety is necessary because fire hydrants shoot out water with a very high pressure of about 100 MPH. This means that if a person is hit with water under this pressure they may be injured thus it is necessary to secure the location using either a rope so that people are prevented from crossing in that area. This is because a person may cross and knock the water pipe from the nozzle of the hydrant.

After that, check all the part of the fire hydrant to ensure that they are immovable, no fault or lose part. This important because some parts may be faulty thus can cause accidents when you start using it: Also ensure that the fire hydrant is rigid. Fix the water pipe on the fire hydrant nozzle and close the knob tightly to ensure that they will be no leakages which can result in wastage of the water.

Thirdly, is the actual process of opening the hydrant after you have understood the manual and ensuring that the hydrant is in good condition; After ensuring that there are no loose parts or faulty parts on the hydrants it is required that you identify the opening valve. After that use, a pentagonal hydrant tool to open the valve; using this tool turn the valve anticlockwise slowly and fully. This is because opening it quickly can cause damages to the hydrant and even injuries to you as the user and anyone who is around.

Lastly, close the fire hydrant after use: After you have completed using the water from the fire hydrant the next and final step is to close it which is very crucial too. It is required that you turn the valve slowly clockwise using the pentagon-shaped socket until it is tight and completely closed.

After that, do not leave immediately the valve is tight but stay there for a few minutes to ensure that water stops flowing from all the parts. This is important because it helps to ensure that there will be no leakages which can waste water.

In conclusion, understanding the process of doing something is very important. For instance, the process of using a fire hydrant is important because of fire emergencies. Therefore, if a person has the knowledge of using and understands the steps that are highlighted above, he/she will be of help during the time of fire emergencies.

Fire Hydrants essay

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