Stronger Families, Stronger Societies

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This is an article posted on the New York Times by William Bennett with an opinionated argument on how strong families are a strong factor of having stronger societies. It was published on April 24, 2012, digitally on the New York Times website. This article was published with the intended audience of a general American in mind. In particular, this article appeals to those who are young adults to initiate a conversation on family values. Politically, this view is perceived as a Republican policy value, which could mean the general audience reading this is a conservative. However, William Bennett makes it clear that this family value is something both liberals and conservatives alike can agree on which he believes is a political value that goes beyond any political ideology. Republicans are primarily made up of Christian evangelicals who strongly believe in strong family values which could also mean the intended audience appeals to Christians primarily. This does not necessarily mean that the intended audience member is Christian, but most likely this article will reach many Christian evangelicals as a result of starting a conversation on republican values.

The author William Bennett is a former United States Secretary of Education and a Washington member of the Claremont Institute. He studied B.A Philosophy at Williams College, earned his Ph.D. at the University of Texas, and earned a law degree from Harvard University. He is a vocal Republican having worked with the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush administration, which could mean his view is heavily skewed towards a Republican ideology. His bias heavily leans towards conservative as he worked under two Republican presidents and vocal supporter of Donald Trump’s policies. There appear to be constraints in place that are preventing William Bennett from speaking in a certain way. As this article was published in the New York Times, a primarily liberal news media, this might’ve played a role in placing a constraint on what he could say or not.

The author is responding to those who are not making family values an important policy. He wants to initiate a conversation on why family values should be considered more heavily in a policy agenda by the government. He makes this an open-ended article in which he states his opinion and wants the audience to start a conversation on this topic and debate on whether family values are worthy of being a goal for public policy.

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