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Cell Structure and Cell Death

According to the suicide hypothesis, PARP-1 kills primarily by NAD+ depletion. The suicide hypothesis stems from studies showing that PARP-1 overactivation causes energy depletion. Indeed, inhibiting PARP-1 through pharmacological inhibitors or genetic deletion restores NAD+ levels and viability. In neurons for example, different neuronal populations treated with a variety of toxic stimuli exhibit protection and…



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Sickle Cell Anemia

Where you aware that sickle-cell anemia is the most common genetic disorder of blood in the world now although that is a fact there is barely any talk about it. Seeing how this disease is so common on a global spectrum it should be discussed more than it is. More people need to know about this disease. They need to know more than the disease is inherited and results in the disorder ofones red blood cells being abnormal and forming a sickle-shaped cell which intime aids in the…



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Sickle Cell Disease

While many have heard of sickle cell anemia/disease, most do not know how prevalent this disease is in many countries, especially countries of color. Sickle cell diseases are one of the most common genetic disorders in the world. This mutation originated in African and Mediterranean areas because of the high likelihood of malaria. People in…



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CAR-T Cell Therapy

Critical quality attributes (CQA) are chemical, physical, biological and microbiological attributes that are defined, measured and monitored during the manufacturing process to guarantee that final product features do not exceed allowable quality limits. They are identified in the first stage of Process Validation, namely Process Design. For autologous CAR T-cell therapies, it is required that…



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Pyroptosis: a Novel Type of Programmed Cell Death

Pyroptosis, an inflammatory programmed cell death process, was first discovered in the process of cell infection, which later found as a downstream inflammatory body (including Caspase-1) and other caspases, widely involved in the inflammatory process of cell death in a variety of diseases. Pyroptosis and other programmed cell death complement each other, connect and transform…



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CD8+iT Cell: A Budding Star for Cancer Immunotherapy

Abstract In this commentary, we give a brief introduction and comment on the application prospect of pro/pre-B cell reprogrammed T cell which generated by the ectopic expression of hematopoietic stem cell-specific transcription factor Hoxb5 in mouse B cell in vivo. This de novo approach is potentially valuable for generating T cells for adoptive T cell…



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Exploring of Embryonic Undeveloped Cell

Undifferentiated cell explore holds amazing recuperating potential, however embryonic immature microorganism look into isn’t the way to that potential. I accept embryonic undifferentiated organism ought not proceed on the grounds that it needs results, causes tumors and is incapable contrasted with grown-up immature microorganism explore. The primary issue with embryonic undeveloped cell look into is…


Medical Ethics,


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Regulation of T Cell Activation in Immunotherapy

Introduction Immune checkpoint blockade attenuates T cell activation by removing inhibitory signals to enable tumor-reactive T cells to overcome regulatory mechanisms and mount an effective antitumor response. These regulatory mechanisms are normally utilized to protect the host from autoimmunity, however, malignant tumors can take advantage of these immune suppressive and tolerance mechanisms to avoid immune…



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Issue of Pregnancy with Sick Cell Disease

The thought of reproducing should come with no obstacle and negative condensations, but if you have genetic disease predisposition as in Sickle Cell trait or homozygotic Sick Cell disease, it poses a challenge. Sickle Cell disease patients or carriers (sickle cell trait [SCT]) face the challenges of making informed reproductive health decisions or face the…




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Cell Communication in Pancreatic Cancer

Introduction Cell-to-cell communication is much like passing notes in school, it can be direct or indirect. Much like cell communication, the purpose of passing the note is to get vital information form one person to the next. Without passing said note the information would not be transferred, but without cell communication everyone would die because…



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