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Assessment of Surface Phytoplankton Biodiversity and Species Density

Introduction Philippines being one of the world’s largest archipelagos (United Nations Development Program, 2019), is home to a rich marine biodiversity (Suarez, 2015). Locally, Biliran Island contains many of Eastern Visayas’ fish sanctuaries meant to protect and preserve endangered fish and other marine species (Akter, Hoque, Kashem, & Nath, 2016). Sambawan Island is one of…



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Biogeography and Biodiversity Loss

Since 1953 research on biodiversity and biomes around the world have been endlessly studied. We understand more than ever before how biodiversity was “built”, and how biomes have become what they are today. There is evidence pointing to a long-ago supercontinent that answers so many of our questions about species distribution. There is fossil evidence…




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Convention on Biological Diversity

The economic and financial committee (ECOFIN ENV) addresses with various environmental phenomena. Whether it’s climate change or biological diversity, ECOFIN manages to subsist. In an environmental mindset, biodiversity is the variety of plants and animals which engage in a habitat; When losing just one element or species, it can disrupt the entire food chain. What…


Climate Change,


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Role of Nonprofit Organizations in Biodiversity and Conservation

The conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity is one of the main global environmental issues. Although international conservation policy was initially established in 18th century, researchers and government players have in the last few decades put more emphasis on biodiversity aspects (Hannigan, 2006). The development of conservation strategies was originally done at country levels. After…


Wildlife Conservation

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Loss Biodiversity

Pulitzer Prize winner, Elizabeth Kolbert, takes readers on a journey through Earth’s mass extinctions and the various anthropogenic forces that have lead scientists around the world to conclude that we are in the current ongoing 6th mass extinction. Kolbert reviews various ecosystems and species that are at risk, while reviewing past extinctions, comparing to current…


Climate Change

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Where and What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the variability among living organisms from all sources, including terrestrial, marine, and other aquatic ecosystems; also, the ecological complexes of which they are part of. This can include diversity within species and their ecosystems. No feature of Earth is more complex, dynamic, and varied in the layer that the organisms that live on…


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Critical Ethnography

This chapter details the research design and approach that I used to understand how FL is conceptualized and communicated by teachers and parents in NS school communities. As presented in Chapter Four, this qualitative study was conducted using a critical research paradigm, with tenets of Critical Ethnography. This chapter summarizes the research design employed, including…



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Microbiome Diversity

Personalized medicine is a strategy that takes into account differences in genes, environment, and lifestyle of each person for clinical decisions, practices, and interventions. In the past few decades, we have witnessed the arrival of microbiome research, a diverse community of microorganisms that live on and inside the human body which contributes 100 times more…




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Plantation Coffee Negatively Affect Mammalian Diversity

Coffee is the most important tropical commodity and the forest-like characteristics of the farm create a unique opportunity to combine agricultural production with biodiversity conservation. There is abundant literature on the conservation value of coffee farms internationally, but there has been little research on this topic in Africa. The Ethiopian shade coffee is documented to…



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Why Wildlife Conservation Is Important

Like most people, I love almost everything that has to do with nature especially the animals that live alongside us on an everyday basis depending on where we live. But we have a problem that so many people have addressed for so long and that is the conservation of all our wildlife. You’d be surprised…



Wildlife Conservation

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