Danger of Bacteria and Koch’s Postulates

Updated August 24, 2021

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Danger of Bacteria and Koch’s Postulates essay

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People continue to be careless about safety when it comes to bacteria. Bacteria have been known to travel fast and effortlessly to almost anywhere like food. Escherichia Coli has been moving around, putting people’s health at risk and close to death. This bacterium, e. coli, is very damaging to humans.

Companies have started to become more careless when distributing packages. Because of products not being thoroughly checked, it could lead to a breakout of bacteria. Being unaware of certain chemicals or germs would put anyone at risk.

Consumers should be precautious when buying because products that are not double-checked could ruin their health. Koch’s postulates play a significant role in the spread of diseases because of the disease being present in all cases. There are four postulates. The first postulate describes how the ‘sick’ individual should have the bacteria present in all cells while in a ‘healthy’ individual, there shouldn’t be any present.

Postulate number two relates to the transfer of bacteria by knowing the bacteria, one can isolate and put the bacteria into pure culture. Koch’s postulate number three, the pure culture, must be inserted into a ‘healthy’ individual, and symptoms should reappear. Postulate four must have the organism isolated again and should be identical to the original individual. Diseases or bacteria, in this case, can be transferred within seconds.

When coming in contact with the bacteria, it would travel and appear in the individual. Using the postulates can help determine where the bacteria came from and what it is. Scientists could respond to outbreaks by examining the bacteria and creating experiments using something like an aseptic technique, as well as Koch’s postulates to find the bacteria.

Aseptic technique is used to transfer bacteria using an o-loop, flame, and tryptic soy agar to eliminate contamination. Background information on where the product was created and transferred is another factor a scientist would look into. The scientist would examine data that is given to explain where the bacteria is coming from because of the outbreaks. The federal government should be involved in the response of bacteria breakouts because of how severe conditions can get.

Having the federal government be more engaged would help spread awareness that bacteria can travel, and it does move fast. Having one of the biggest agencies in the world understand the cases involving harmful bacteria can keep the word out to be more cautious of consumer goods.

Danger of Bacteria and Koch’s Postulates essay

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