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Natural Selection & Drought/Rainy Seasons

Natural selection is the mechanism of evolution also known as “survival of the fittest”. It can be defined as the natural process in which over time the most favorable traits are passed on and the weaker traits are removed. The Grants discovered that initially different species of finches had no preference in food, everyone ate…


Natural Selection,


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Natural Selection and Instincts

In the Origin of Species, instinct in not clearly defined by Darwin in chapter 7. He believes the attempt to define instinct in not something required because everyone either knows it or not. Essentially instinct is an action. Actions need requirements, those are: done without experience, action is done in the same way, and done…


Natural Selection

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Understanding of Natural Selection

When an individual animal in a species evolves, a new trait that helps them better survive in their given environment by making it easier to hunt or forage for food, survive against predators, persevere through rough climate, or any number of other tasks. The organism, in turn, has a higher chance to survive long enough…


Natural Selection

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Predecessors of Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection

Prior to the discoveries and scientific advances which characterized the sociocultural and ideological climate of the sixteenth century, European worldviews were predominated by the influence of the notion that “all aspects of nature, including all forms of life and their relationships to one another, never changed” (Jurmain, 2018: 27). This concept of the “fixity of…


Natural Selection

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Theory of Evolution or Natural Selection

I want to integrate the interpretation expressed in the video about “What Darwin Never Knew”. Charles Robert Darwin was born in February 12, 1809, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. He was an English naturalist, biologist, and geologist. He got married in 1839 to Emma and had ten kids, three of whom died at early age. His theory…


Natural Selection

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Examples of Darwin Evolution Theory

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” ~ Charles Darwin. Here, Charles Darwin refers to the theory of evolution, the process by which organisms develop new adaptations to their environment over generations, increasing their chance of surviving and reproducing. There are…

Creation vs Evolution,


Natural Selection

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