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Finnish Society and Culture

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Finnish Society and Culture essay
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The Finnish society provides different touch to the lives of people and the universe and specially to those people who come from any other culture. Because all are positive and negative, because the entire society poses positive and negative impact on immigration students. According to Becky and Jerry’s interview, we can remove many things. Both things have been mentioned that hindered and hindered their lives while going to Finnish culture. First, taking things that make your life easier, have a quiet environment issues that helps to enjoy the atmosphere. People from various nationalities come to study so that we can improve their friends and communication with organizations of different cultures. There are only few students in Finland’s sections, which teachers and students can discuss more. This makes students more interactive. Lives life another thing is being friendly and psychologist that helps the student solve the problem. Students period of school are not too long, so students are not passive. There are also things to interfere with any other culture, language differences, culture differences and the integration of the students’ lifestyle. Food culture is different from culture. The environment of the host country is also cold, and the duration of the sun is also short. There is no variety of courses at the Applied Science University. It’s just business and technology.

Finland has increased the immigration and cultural diversity of the school. Therefore, the country is doing lots of things for foreign students from different cultures. The university focuses on all the students of different cultures, ranging from classes. It takes classes in English so that obstacles in language cannot be seen in the language. The University did not discriminate against students based on their culture. To develop other cultures and feel its culture for immigrants, it organizes various programs that students of different cultures can show their performance.

There are different things that the university preparing to improve the integration of immigrant students. Studies at the University should be very diverse. It should include more faculty so that students can study according to their choices. There is no difference between people based on culture, caste, language and ethnic groups. A friendly atmosphere should be maintained between all the cultures. It can also take classes for the behavior of people that each culture can respect others.

On this basis I can say that we must be always positive in any sector or field. And it is a nice experience to me and hope to all foreigners.

Finnish Society and Culture essay

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How is social life in Finland?
Finns are generally relaxed about dress and manners — but they do not appreciate unpunctuality . If you are running late, let your host or business associates know — but try to be prompt. Finns also have little time for “small talk” and, in fact the language has no word for “please”.
What are the culture of Finland?
In the culture of Finland, people appreciate punctuality, good manners, and practicality . Finns love outdoor activities and public access rights “Everyman's rights” grant access to nature for all inhabitants.
What are the most important values for the Finns?
Equality, trust, honesty and nature are examples of values that are important to Finns.
What type of society does Finland have?
Finnish society is not overly formal; rather, it is relatively relaxed, whether at home, work or the sauna. In this very egalitarian culture , both women and men participate almost equally in all societal roles. Men and women share responsibility for family, work and government. 23 Sept 2019
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