Fear Can Stop People

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Fear has stopped many people an uncountable number of times. Fear can create bad habits; and make someone avoid new things for many reasons. Fear can hold people back from something exciting, it can keep people from overcoming personal challenges or problems, and lead to destructive habits. Fear can hold people back from things they might enjoy or could have been fun. People can miss out on something that could have been fun.

The fear of heights might cause someone to fear diving boards. Fear can influence people to the extent they cannot enjoy new things or the unknown. Something they might enjoy, such as a rollercoaster, fear of rollercoaster’s can stop people from experiencing an exciting rollercoaster ride. Fear of the unknown appears very strong; it can capture the heart and mind. Fear can keep people from overcoming their problems since fear is strong.

Fear can stop people from overcoming fear. Fear can overpower the mind. In 2 Timothy 1:7, Peter tells Timothy that God has “not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind.” In Matthew 14 when the disciples saw Jesus walking on water they thought he was a ghost, they were terrified. Peter asked Jesus if he could walk out to him and Peter started to walk on water, then fear took over and he started to sink.

When fear overpowers the mind it can stop people from concurring fear. Fear is strong. In fact, when angel’s firsts words are fear not. Luke 1:30. Fear must be strong because God tells us to fear not. Fear that captures the mind can lead to very bad habits. Fear can lead to bad habits if one is not careful, such as lying. Abraham on the way to Egypt lied saying Sarah was his sister so they would not kill him for being the husband of an attractive woman. Fear can make people feel forgotten. Fear can make people forget what God has done and what he promised to do. The Israelites felt forgotten in the desert.

Fear, a strong emotion and that can stop someone in their tracks. Fear can turn in to a bad thing it can hold someone back from something exciting, fear can also lead to bad habits. Fear can hold people back from something they might enjoy. Fear can also stop people from overcoming their fears because fear is strong it can lead to bad habits. Fear can stop people in their tracks; it can capture the mind and lead to bad habits. But when god tells people to fear not they should listen.

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