Factors Influenced American Identity

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For thousands of years, people and their families have been immigrating to the United States to find freedom, a better life for not just themselves but also their families, better opportunities, and to live the American dream. Many believe that an American is a person who identifies with the traits that America values such as freedom, independence, responsibility and work-ethic. Two major factors that support this nation’s identity would be patriotism and unity. These values that have been forged from past generations are still relevant in the American culture and have become a huge part of what America is today.

America is a mixing pot filled with people from all around the world, the thing that connects us is our belief system and respect for America as an institution. Being an American has nothing to do with race or whether a person was born here, it has all to do with how an individual acts and how they can benefit the society…”That allows them to contribute their utmost to society. It is the belief that the best way to ensure national economic growth is to protect citizens’ right to improve their lives”(Amadeo). Throughout the years, the American identity has been influenced by several factors that contribute to making America what it is today.

America symbolizes the “new world,” where immigrants believe life is more modern and that they can accomplish things that they believed were way past their capabilities. Due to this, America has a diverse amount of backgrounds shown throughout its individuals, and why America has received the name the Melting Pot of all cultures: “The American identity is based on more than diversity, though. A fair judiciary, constitutional protections, and the ability to achieve the American dream are vital aspects of the national identity according to large numbers of Americans”(APNORC).

An important milestone in American history involves the constant fight between minorities and the mainstream population to win independence, respect, and most importantly freedom.In view of the fact that a majority of the founding fathers were white males, many believed that all the citizens should be white as well. In the 21st century, with the great mix of backgrounds shown through American residents, statuses should no longer be defined just by skin color. In spite of the fact that all these different races are residing in one country, a majority of them aren’t united.

However, those who have been oppressed throughout the past typically find commonalities in their struggles. As a result of this, this is the same group of individuals who are redefining the standards. The minorities themselves typically are the ones who hold the country’s belief system in such high regard, while the traditional Americans in the society take them for granted.

An individual can have pride within his or her culture, but can still respect, learn, and adapt to pieces of another. This is a crucial principle behind America…Holding onto one’s own beliefs while learning, appreciating, and accepting others. An example of the influence that the Melting Pot has towards this country would be the success of the Mexican and Chinese restaurants, that are located all over the nation. Majority of the foreigners that have left their home country to the United States in search of a better life have managed to keep and appreciate their own culture while contributing to a common American culture…“Seven in 10 Americans think the United States is losing its national identity, while just 3 in 10 regard the country’s identity as secure, and these attitudes are related to threats to that identity and pride in several aspects of the country”(Lennihan). A single group of individuals cannot define this nation; it is all the individuals with different backgrounds and their cultures that have been amalgamated to make this country so unique.

Another major factor that contributes towards the American identity can be the American Frontier. Since the East Coast part of America was the frontier towards Europe, the West had become the frontier to those living in America. It had transformed into a place that allowed them to take hold of and develop communities that were based on America’s values and beliefs. The West had also become a location for many to get away from the influence that the Eurpoeans had placed throughout the East Coast.

To many, the West was considered a savage area that didn’t see the work of people. Many moved there based on the idea of a free land waiting to be taken. A few distinguishing features of the Americans that stand out is that they are a society that is always growing, expanding, and creating new things, and the history behind the Frontier can be a great illustration of that. Those who settled on the West had brought Americans power and innovation. This power had come from those who were traveling and having to fit into an undeveloped area and work with very hard labor in order for the land to look like a settlement. Many can learn strength, work ethic, and innovation from this.


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