Euthanasia and Religion

Updated October 13, 2020

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Euthanasia and Religion essay

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Euthanasia is a medical condition. The meaning of the word euthanasia is easy death. People who suffer from euthanasia usually have a incurable disease. In many cases people themselves want to end their life but in most of the cases if the person is too ill the decision is taken by, the doctors or relatives without the patient’s consent. This issue has been the matter of discussion for many years now and is a matter of religious, ethical and practical concerns. Euthanasia is against the law in many countries such as UK where it is unlawful to support somebody to kill themselves.

Most of the times people think that the main reason behind Euthanasia is intolerable pain but some of the studies done by USA and Netherland shows that less than one third of demands for euthanasia were because of intolerable pain. Psychologically it is believed that most of the decisions for euthanasia are due to depression or displeasure of being dependent on others.

Euthanasia should not be legal as it should totally be a person’s wish if they want to end their life or not. According to religious believes death is one of the most important thing. Most of the religions are against euthanasia some of them absolutely outlaw it. For example the Roman church catholic it is by far on of the most vigorous organization opposing euthanasia.

Religions are against euthanasia for many reasons. Mostly all religions have a saying from God in their scriptures that states “you must not kill innocent human beings”. Which states that euthanasia, suicide or murder is against God’s wish.

Religions believe that human lives are sacred and human beings are God’s creature that is why nobody has the right to obstruct what god has planned.

It is also believed that euthanasia gives too much control to the doctors. It gives them the chance to play as god. Nowadays it being more of an occupation than a passion most of them will grab the opportunity. Most of the doctors nowadays are taking shortcuts to earn more. By making euthanasia legal it sends the wrong message to the people that life is worthless. Euthanasia makes the vulnerable people to end their life. for the people who feel week and dependent on others.

At last, I would like to conclude that euthanasia is pointless as there are many better options. People usually believe that when diagnosed with an incurable disease they only have two alternatives either to die slowly or die immediately with euthanasia but what they do not understand is that there is one more thing they can opt for and that is love and care. Euthanasia is something which finishes the hope for people to live. It gives easy access to end life. As already said before life and death is something which God has planned and nobody has the right to fight against God’s wish. Natural death is better than euthanasia.

Euthanasia and Religion essay

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