Electric Vehicles as a Green Transportation

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As environmental concerns increase so does the desire for a cleaner source of transportation. Electricity is the main alternative in the current market. One such type, Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), solely use a battery as a power source. The main drawback of the car however is its cost: roughly $30,000 to $40,000 (evadoption2016). Increasing BEV research would allow for reduced costs making it more accessible to the average consumer.

BEVs have many appealing qualities that make it a good alternative for current transportation methods. For example, they can be charged both at home and at charging stations. A typical battery can be fully charged in 30 minutes to 8 hours depending on the car and outlet (Logtenberg et al.). The use of electrically over gasoline allows one to save over $1000 annually (Goldman). With a range of roughly 70 to 100 miles these vehicles can satisfy the needs of an average person or family each day (Department of Energy). Lastly, studies also show that BEVs have significantly lower annual maintenance costs and lifetime costs (Logtenberg et al.). Together these factors make BEVs a realistic and competitive option for consumers. However, the biggest deterrent is currently the affordability of fully electric vehicles, which could be changed by continuing to research technologies.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of transportation. In 2016 EVs accounted for 1% of auto sales globally, which is predicted to rise to 30% by the year 2025 (J.P. Morgan). As the desire for these vehicles increases so does the creation of charging stations. In 2008 the United States had only 430 charging points (McCarthy). By 2017 the number grew to 47,117 (McCarthy). Greater numbers of charging stations makes it more convenient to recharge and ultimately more appealing for consumers to transition. As more consumers transition returns on investments will grow.

Most notable for being environmentally friendly BEVs are also a cleaner alternative to ICEVs. Since they are powered by electricity there are no carbon emissions while driving. The lack of emissions creates cleaner air and less damage to the ozone layer. Over a 20-year period this can result in a 19-23% difference in greenhouse gas emissions (Brennan and Barder). Paired with renewable energy sources this mode of transportation is nearly completely emission free.

However, even using coal as a source of electricity still produces less pollution than using ICEVs (Goldman). Current trends also show that production and materials used tend to be more eco-friendly than those of ICEVs (Ergon Energy). The use of electric vehicles helps to minimize the environmental damage caused by the current use of ICEVs.


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