Early Years of Susan B Anthony

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Susan B. Anthony’s childhood and her parents motivated her to partake in the issues present in the society during the 1900s. Anthony was born to her mother, Lucy Antony, and father, Daniel Anthony on February 15, 1820. Anthony was the second sibling out of the six children excluding the one stillborn child.

She was one of the five fortunate children who survived until adulthood. Anthony was raised with the influence of her parents’ Quaker ideas which allowed her to become involved in human rights at a very young age.

Some of the causes her parents supported included the education and rights of women as they believed in the equality of both genders. However, the main cause that they fought for was the temperance movements.

As Quakers, Anthony’s parents were against the use of alcohol because it went against their religion . Through her parent’s efforts in the temperance movement, Anthony was inspired to fight for her own cause. As child, Anthony was very smart and independent, learning to read and write at a young age of three.

Anthony’s father worked in cotton mills and farms in order to earn a living. He first started out as a school teacher, but then became a store owner when the opportunity arose. However, money was still tight and in 1822, Daniel Anthony constructed a cotton mill to feed his family. Five years later, he moved to New York after he bought a different cotton mill.

Due to all of the moving Anthony could not attend a steady school. She went to a district school in Battenville but after many other transfers in location, her father started to homeschool her and her siblings along with other young girls who worked in the mills.

At fifteen years of age, Anthony was her own teacher as she studied in her father’s school. She was a quick and witty learner. At age seventeen, she attended a Quaker school, Deborah Moulson’s Seminary for Females, which was a all girls school for about six months in Pennsylvania until her father’s bankruptcy. The family moved to Hardscrabble to an abandoned mill where Anthony’s father became an postmaster and an innkeeper.

At nineteen, Anthony accepted a job as a teacher for girls in New York in the summer. She had a crossed right eye that she attempted to correct. After the operation, however, the left eye was left turned slightly outward.

Anthony was embarrassed of this eye although no damage was made to her vision. She had many marriage proposals throughout her life. She was asked to marry someone at the age of twenty-five, thirty-five, and forty-three, but, she refused all the proposals as she wished to be independent.

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