Why Parents Homeschool Their Children

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In the words of Oprah Winfrey, “Only surround yourself with people who will lift you higher’’(Raja, 2017). This quote supposes to be a guiding principle in everyone’s life. When children are born in this world they obtain love and support from their parents before they grow older and enter into a classroom. This love can be missed by children when they go to school facing a hard time from teachers and students. Some people think sending children to school can be like carrying a donkey on the back because to many school books are packed in children school bags every day.

The school system today has become so frustrating that students are complaining of having too much home work to do. Due to this some students have suffered significant brain damage which is not quite right. For this reason, some parents just simply ignore school and home school their children because it prevents stress and problems. The three main causes some parents home school their children are sleep, inattention from teachers, and bullying at school.

Firstly, one of the real causes parents home school children is for getting the perfect measure of rest. For example, studies prove that about 55% of adolescents who were home schooled got the ideal measure of rest every week, contrasted with only 24.5% of the individuals who go to public and non-public schools (Home schooled kids sleep, 2016). Besides, sleep is so important for the emotional and physical well-being of children. Yes, children do have problems awaking early from sleep on mornings. Sometimes a longer rest is exactly what a doctor would recommend for calming the nerves. Lastly, homeschooling children prevents exhaustion. Some children who go to public schools go to class exhausted and gotten back home confused because of poor rest habits. Hence, parents home school their children for sleep since it is essential for children to obtain the correct amount of rest, it is good for the emotional and physical well-being and to prevent exhaustion.

Secondly, another major cause parents home school children is due to inattention from teachers in the classroom. For instance, some teachers would quickly write notes on the black board just to go sit and text message on their cellphones for the rest of the class period. Research demonstrates that educators was paid to instruct, not to be on the telephone amid class time (Reese, 2009). In addition, some teachers are seen as having poor teaching skills when they cannot assist all students equally.

It is fundamental to help all students because some tend to be slow learners or even suffer from disability which is a very sad sight to see. Finally, if teachers are ignorant they fail to respond to questions asked by students about the subject in which they teach. This can truly frustrate students and discourage them from attending school if they do not understand the school work. However, inattention from teachers can cause parents to home school their children if teachers use cellphones during class time, poor teaching skills and mainly because of ignorance on the teacher’s part failing to answer student questions.

Thirdly, another major reason parents home school children is for bullying. For example, according to Science Daily, more than 22% of children with a disability tend to get bullied between the ages of 12-18 (University of Missouri-Columbia, 2016). They are treated differently because of their lack of ‘normalcy’. Moreover, children that don’t possess a disability can face school bullying. Some kids feel that because they are taller or otherwise bigger that they can physically take advantage of kids smaller. Also, if a child is bullied at home he/she will tend to bully others at school. No child was born a bully, but with social influences, it becomes cool and acceptable to do. Ultimately, bullying is an unjust behavior in schools where parents feel discouraged to send their children to school

While it can be proven that homeschooling children improves children well-being overall and makes them happier, there are some parents who home school their children for this. Sleep calms the nerves. Teachers must be more helpful to students. Some children learn to bully at home and act it in school. In conclusion, the three primary reasons a few parents self-teach their kids are rest, mindlessness from instructors, and tormenting at school which can be a big turn off for many young minds.

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