Susan B. Anthony and Sandra Cisneros

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Dreams and aspirations can negatively or positively affect a society in several ways. As an individual person it can keeps you going in life, especially when you are going through a rough time. Dreams can give you something to work for and hope for in the future. For Susan B. Anthony she worked toward voting rights for women. While along the way, she changed society in a better way for women.

Sandra Cisneros’ dream was to work hard and become a writer and make her dad proud of what she had accomplished. Anthony and Cisneros, both strong women who strived to achieve their dreams, were affected by their lives and relationships, such as how Cisneros became who she is because of her strive toward wanting to make her dad proud, and Anthony who connected with other women to achieve an equality for females.

Unchangeable life aspects have affected both women, impacting on what their dreams would be. As the author explains what happened to Anthony early on , “She was denied a chance to speak at a temperance convention because she was a women” (History.com Editors). This played a major effect on Anthony’s dreams, for she disliked the way how other women and herself’s voice didn’t matter in that society unless women had a vote.

On the contrary she wanted to fix that, which is why she made it her goal to have equality for women. On Cisneros’ side what started her goal was “What I didn’t realize was that my father thought college was good for girls-for finding a husband” (Cisneros 309). She realizes her father doesn’t give thought on her wanting to become a writer, he just thinks nothing more of what a women could be but just a wife. She sets to change her father’s mind and make him proud of her being a successful writer instead of a wife.

Cisneros then later explains how her situation encouraged her writing, “But that aloness, that loneliness, was good for a would-be writer- it allowed me time to think, to imagine, to read, and prepare myself” (Cisneros 309). Initially this loneliness wouldn’t be the best thing as a child but Cisneros turns it to something that says she’s worked hard to become an astonishing writer. She was able to achieve her dream as she had more time to write and think about her future as a writer. At the end of the day both women were affected from their early life to chosse the dreams they choose and to keep striving toward them.

Cisneros and Anthony’s connections and relationships with people were at some points strong and other times tough, because of the impact the dreams made on the people around them. As example, “Using his own money, Selden posted bail for Anthony”(Mountjoy 84). Selden though thought only of getting her out of jail so he handed his money out for her, as a result he was most likely mad at what money he lost. Even though she did not want this, it still affected Selden and her because of there connection and her dream.

As Cisneros’ dad states after reading a copy of one of her woks,“Where can we get more copies of this for the relatives” (Cisneros 311)? Her accomplishing becoming a writer- one of her goals, made her dad proud. It may even change his perspective of how women are just wives. Also displaying Cisneros’ relations “She read poem to club and coffee shop audiences, gradually earning a local reputation” ( Chicago Public Libray).Her dream is affecting these people in a positive way to society, giving these people something to hear out and have something to do. However it is not just a positive impact on the community, but also herself, giving her a bigger name and putting her work out there which is one step closer to the writer she is now. As effect, having relationships with several people has a usual positive affect toward your dream but also a few negative effects as well.

Anthony and Cisneros were both heavily influenced by their dreams in their everyday lives Such as, “In her free time she wrote and submitted poems to literary journals with some success” (Chicago Public Libary). This step toward her dream affected her daily life because she took her time out of her day to write instead of doing anything else she would if she not have that dream. So influenced by her dreams she write as she hopes to earn a reputation good enough from her dad. Also effecting her, “1982, Cisneros received National Endowment for the Arts fellowship” also “Published in 1984, the book gained international acclaim, winning Cisneros the American Book Award” (Chicago Public Libary).

This would truly affect her life, for she would know everyday that she has made it, she concluded that dream. It would also give her more fame, a more well know name to the people and build her reputation, going from an only mexican daughter to a writer is what her dream affected her. Next a timeline show “ Last Fall Miss Anthony, her sister, and several other women, voted the full State and National Republican tickets on the 5th of November” (Blake 324). This event would greatly affect these strong women, they would now be well known for being the first to vote and also be convicted of a “crime”. This also impacts her life by having all these “cause and effect” effects, like how she had to go to court. Another example of the influence of her dreams is the time she wrote her argument to why voting wasn’t a crime, “ Being persons, then, women are citizens; and no state has a right to make any law, or to enforce any old law, that shall a bridge their privileges or immunities” (Anthony 321).

For her taking time out of her day to write this is one step closer to her dream, but it affected her life, because she still had to take a great amount of time out of the week or so to go around to each neighborhood and each door to convince everyone. This great deal of time was not it , but she also had a great influence on the society, changing their perspective on women’s rights. Therefore Susan and Cisneros took a big leap of time out of their day because their dream was calling to them. Without that, there might not have been that accomplishment.

In conclusion you can work hard to achieve any dream you desire just like Anthony and Susan. Though going through the obstacles are tough, if you have enough hope you can do it. And along the way new and old relationships may establish or go on a break. Though best to flow your dreams, making society change negatively because or your dream may not be the best idea. Dreams also give you something to look forward to. Susan B. Anthony and Sandra Cisneros, both strong women who strived to achieve their dreams, were affected by their lives and relationships, such as how Cisneros became who she is because of her strive toward wanting to make her dad proud, and Anthony who connected with other women to achieve an equality for females.

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