Donald Trump’s Life Before Presidency

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Donald John Trump is the 45th United States president. Before he is president Donald Trump was a real – estate founder, He has several hotels by his name. He also owned a golf course and resorts. Trump also owned a trump world tower the tower is a skyscraper. Inside the tower, it has 70 complete floors. Around 1974 he becomes the president of the conglomeration of trump owned corporations and partnerships. later he named it the trump organization. In addition, in 1974 trump obtain permission on the Penn central hotel. The hotel was unprofitable but it found an amazing place which is located around a grand view station. In the next year, he signs a partnership agreement with the Hyatt corporation. the corporation doesn’t have a large hotel in downtown.

Donald Trump starts working in that corporation and he really works hard and he deals with every single of thing to renovate the hotel. The hotel renamed Grand Hyatt. the hotel starts being popular and successful in the economy. Donald Trump try to make the city great. Staring form 1980 he starts lending his name for branded clothing, colognes, also furniture. In 1987 Donald trump published his first book called the art of the deal. The book becomes a bestseller. He establishes a foundation in order to donate to charity by the book profit money. In January 2004 he start a reality tv show called the apprentice on NBC. In 2005 Donald trump found Trump university which gives seminar about real estate investment. On November 8, 2016, he elected for the United States president and he becomes the 45th American president.

Donald John Trump born in june 14, 1946 from his father Frederick Trump and from his mother marry trump in new york city, new york in the jamaica hospital medical center. Donald Trump is 4th child from his parent. His father Frederick Trump was a successful real – estate developer.

By that time his father Frederick is specialized in construction and he was operating middle – income apartment in queens, new york. He has 4 siblings. When he is at his age to go to school he start his pre-school. This school is pre-school up to grade 12. However, Donald Trump didn’t learn in this school upto 12 grade. Instead of learning there and graduate from there. At age 13 when he was in 7th grade he enrolled in new york academy military school. He did really amazing in academic and in social skills. At that time he was the a star athlete at school also he was a great student leader by the time he graduate from the military school in 1964.

After he graduate during in the summer he works at his father company on construction site. Donald Trump entered in Fordham university at 1964 -1966. After he learns 2 years in there he transferred to the Wharton school of finance at the University of Pennsylvania. He start learning in (1966 – 1968). He graduated at 1968 from the University of Pennsylvania by a bachelor’s degree of economics. Trump influenced by his father to be a successful real estate builder. In the year he graduate he start working a full time at his father company in order to manage his holding and rental home. In the early 1970 trump owned housing development in new york city, Cincinnati, Ohio and in North Fork, Virginia.

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