Diversity and Inclusion in a Workplace

Updated April 29, 2021

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Diversity and Inclusion in a Workplace essay

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This paper will cover the advantages and disadvantages of Diversity and Inclusion Technologies in a workplace. Diversity and inclusion in a workplace include many action programs that provide support to minority groups in a workplace and help resolve any issues or conflicts that could happen. People prefer to stay in their comfort zone because when people feel more comfortable, they become more creative in what they do. With diversity, the people who are from different cultures or feel they need to step out of their comfort zone and that will make them focus on survival instead of productivity.

Businesses that grow to have a big number of employees representative of diverse cultures or national origins are more likely to experience diversity conflicts than small businesses. Nowadays, with technology and the development of the workforce, the human resources experts worked on creating a technology that helps enhance workplace diversity and inclusion and reduce bias as they recruit, hire or manage workers, to make a welcoming and supportive work environment for everyone.

There are many advantages that would come handy when it comes to the production of the DI programs. Diversity in the workplace means a variety of different perspectives, which is highly beneficial as employees will have different characteristics and backgrounds. This will result in a better environment at work and also will come in handy when it comes to planning and executing a business strategy.

If an employer is able to create diversity in the workplace, then each employee will have their strengths complement those of everyone else on the team. Another advantage of diversity in the workplace is accessing more talent and having fewer restrictions on geographic location or educational accomplishment, instead, make them focus on the talents of individuals during the hiring process.

In a study that was done on a large Australian business operating in manufacturing, retail and healthcare showed that the higher the diversity and inclusion, the higher the employee engagement. When employees feel belonged and welcomed, they become more interactive with their co-workers and feel more confident and comfortable in doing their assignments as well. Encouraging diversity and inclusion in a workplace ensures a lot of benefits for the society on several levels, where it benefits the national economy.

Also having less gender references and hiring more women to work in the labor force will fill job shortage at the local, regional and international level and it would reduce poverty almost immediately. Same thing will happen with people who have physical and intellectual disabilities In a research that included 180 companies around Europe, U.K and U.S, they found out that companies with higher diversity were also higher in financial performers. The chart below shows that the bigger the company, they higher chances it has a formal or informal diversity and inclusion program:

Despite the fact that the D&I technology program delivers many successful traits to the diverse people around the United States of America, there are many flaws that the D&I program has. The D&I program has led to the reduction of cutting off people’s empowerment to make critical, important, as well as convenient decisions for those who need to have further discussions regarding their personal or their diversity issues regarded at stake. People from different backgrounds may all understand and speak the same language but maybe the words they use could have different meanings, so there will still be some misunderstanding when communicating different ideas and perspectives which can slow projects down.

Having a variety of thoughts and perspectives is a big advantage to the company and in many times it always leads to bigger profits and better solutions. Yet, there are times when having variety of perspectives and opinions will make it harder to make a choice. When each member of a team feels different about a specific project then it will be left to the manager to decide what’s right and what’s wrong which will make it a little harder to get the job done on a specific timeline.

Diversity and inclusion in a workplace brings a better value and benefits to organizations and businesses. Respecting individual differences leads to creating a welcoming environment and increasing work productivity. It is very important that companies focus on diversity and inclusion within their employees and knowing how to handle any issues that might relate to diversity and inclusion. Organizations should focus on getting the best talent of individuals regardless of their different age, nationality, race or any dempgraphic differences.

Diversity and Inclusion in a Workplace essay

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