Different Views of New York City

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It is universally acknowledged that most individuals tend to view things from different perspectives, angles, and lenses. Take New York, for example, a city praised for lighting up the hearts of its inhabitants and making them seem content with its attractions also has its untold stories. As one of the most acclaimed semi-critic writers of New York, E.B White’s “Here is New York” essay serves as a platform in which he systematically identifies and defines of what he sees as the three New York. From the natives to the commuters, to the immigrants as White puts it constitutes New York; each having different perspectives and experiences.

The native is the individual who is all accepting, used to the city inside out and seems to be used to and prepared for anything that is to happen in the city. The commuter is one who always prioritizes his or her goal regardless of the heat that might come with it. For it is driven by the sense of achieving something great, whether it means having a bitter taste of the subways or the environment, in general, they still persevere through it all. However, the immigrant or settler is an individual who settles in New York for a new beginning, a fresh start, a new journey, and adventure. They tend to adapt and welcome New York and all its changes.

All of these unique lenses as to which these individuals see the city makes New York a landscape of opportunities as White( 1949) puts it, “Commuters give the city its tidal restlessness; natives give it solidity and continuity, but settlers give it passion” ( p. 698).

This system is highly plausible because I feel like that’s what New York is comprised of and it’s also a New York I see every day on the streets. Moreover, it’s a system which adequately categorizes everyone’s New York and you can find yourself in any category.

I have always identified as a native and that has impacted my view of New York City as a whole. From the sleepless nights, lived-in subway smells, honking of cars, sirens wailing, ice cream trucks, Starbucks, pizzas all around, buildings, shirts and ties, dogs everywhere, wall street, central park, and much more. New York is a mural of all colors, arts, themes, and a large global cornerstone.

All of these qualities and characteristics that New York offers makes me more appreciative of what I have. I also feel like it’s a very happy place to live in. It’s always a win-win situation given that there are good aspects that are able to overshadow its negative qualities. For example, a small thing as having a bad day at work can be all gone when you are arriving home late at night and you come across a pleasant view of its skyline buildings vivid with beautiful lights.

However, with all these lights we see in New York City, White’s (1949) ability to capture his readers attention to a common truth that, “By rights New York should have destroyed itself a long ago from panic or fire or rioting or failure of some vital supply line in its circulatory system…”(p. 701). This truth resonates deeply with me because, with all the hardships its inhabitants face, it manages to survive somehow. In a city whereby, subways are filled with rats, something should have happened to our population; a widespread disease or some sort but miraculously the city still thrives. White claims it’s all due to luck, but think otherwise. I believe the city’s survival is due to the drive, passion, motivation, perseverance, and hard work its inhabitants provide makes up what New York is today and keeps it on its feet.

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