Depression Is More Prevalent in Women

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According to the current research, the prevalence of major depression is higher in women than in men, in 2010 the global annual prevalence was 5.5% and 3.2% respectively which is representing greater incidence in women. (Paul R. Albert, 2015). The saddest part is when women are typically being stereotyped by society of how physically and mentally weaker they are than men. Thus, most of the woman should survive and struggle for a place in economy, culture and society or not, they will be left behind.

Depression Manifest Greater Impact on Women

Speaking psychologically, women tend to display internalizing disorder where they keep their problems to themselves. Internalization among women can bring on emotional problems of facing profound sadness, self-blame and guilt. This situation clearly ruminates on negative thoughts within themselves likes overgeneralizing, jumping to conclusion and emotional reasoning causes women to experience a great loss of motivation and energy in life more often than men.

From biological perspective, hormonal factors are most likely to increase the chance of depression. Issues with pregnancy, menopause, and menstrual cycles increase women’s risk factors of developing depression. Most of these are due to hormonal imbalances in reproductive hormones. (Christina Gregory, 2018). Fluctuation in sex hormone during female reproductive events have neurochemical linked to depression as hormone and neurotransmitter share the same pathway and receptor site that connected to our mood. In most studies shown that steroids hormones such as estrogen and progesterone have a big potential to affect brain region (hippocampus) that regulate mood and behaviour (Claudio N Soares, 2008).

From social factors, women with history of sexual harassment had significantly tend to suffer depression. A survivor would be traumatized by the unwanted sex she faced and have an inner thoughts that she is contaminated by rape and feeling anxious by society’s stigma. They will keep flashbacking about the rape causing it to lingers around their mind and make them feel more depressed.


In a nutshell, world should promote awareness of depression against women as a significant step to root out this critical issue. Meanwhile, men play a role of being a protector by ensuring women in safe and sound from any harm, abuse or violence and make them feel valued by their hard work to hold a responsibilities as a mom, wife and a worker.

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